Universal Music Solidifies Its Singaporean Base In Southeast Asia

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Calvin Wong

Universal Music Group has appointed Calvin Wong as CEO of Southeast Asia & SVP, Asia.

Wong will help lead UMG’s regional operations across Asia.

Calvin Wong’s appointment to the newly created CEO position comes as part of UMG’s expansion in the region. UMG has been working to expand operations and infrastructure within Singapore, which will serve as the main HQ within Southeast Asia.

Wong will head up regional operations across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indochina. He has more than 30 years of experience in the music industry and joins UMG from rival Warner Music Group.

At WMG, Wong held the position of President, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Korea, and EVP, Marketing. Wong first joined Warner Music in 1998.  At UMG, he will report to Adam Granite, who serves as UMG’s Executive Vice President of Market Development.

In the new role, Wong will work closely with Granite to manage operations throughout the region, utilizing his executive experience throughout Asia. In addition to the new CEO position, a new executive leadership team will head up UMG’s Singapore operation.

UMG Singapore Executive Leadership Team

  • Elvin Eng – CFO Southeast Asia & Korea
  • Gus Henderson – Head of New Business and Brands, Southeast Asia & Korea
  • Sarah Ismail – Marketing Director, Southeast Asia
  • Daniel Haugen – VP of Business Development and Digital
  • Aerae Eun – HR Director, Southeast Asia & Korea

Eng, Henderson, and Ismail will relocate to the new Singapore office from UMG Hong Kong. Wong says he’s delighted to join UMG when the industry is expanding so quickly in the Southeast Asia region.

“Over the past few years, Southeast Asia has undergone a period of huge digital transformation which has not only fueled market development but also helped create new commercial partners and creative opportunities for artists from throughout the region. I am excited to help reinforce UMG’s position as the market leader in talent and business development, digital innovation, partnerships and artist focused services.”

The entire team will work closely with Patsy Chan, Senior Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs, who remains based in Hong Kong.