A Jenni Rivera Biopic Is In the Works — “Jenni’s Story Is One That Deserves to be Told”

With her family’s support, the late Jenni Rivera’s life will soon become a movie.

Mucho Mas Media and De Line Productions will produce the movie, a biopic of the famed Mexican-American singer and songwriter.  Both companies acquired her life rights from Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

Kate Lanier, who wrote the Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got to Do With It?, has signed on to pen the screenplay.  She also wrote Set It Off, directed by F. Gary Gray.

Mucho Mas Media and De Line Productions had engaged in conversations to produce a biopic about Rivera since the middle of last year.

The film will center around the life of the Mexican-American singer, who grew up in Long Beach, California.  Her mother had crossed into the U.S. on foot while pregnant with the future singer.  Rivera started her music career in 1992.  She ultimately won multiple Billboard Music Awards, 22 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 18 Lo Nuestro Awards, and 4 Latin Grammy nods.

Rivera had long spoken out about issues in the music industry, including problems tied to being a female singer in Banda, a music genre dominated by men.  In her autobiography, Unbreakable: My Story, My Way, she revealed that a male stalker had raped her in a California highway.  Rivera had attempted suicide following multiple sexual assaults from her ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marin.  He also raped her sister, Rosie, and Jenni’s oldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera.

Tragically, Jenni died in a suspicious plane crash in Mexico on December 9th, 2012.  She was 43.

Speaking about the film, Rosie Rivera explained,

My sister dreamt of a biopic of her life for many years, we are thrilled it will come to fruition.  We never imagined such an amazing producing and writing team like Donald De Line and Kate Lanier would join together with us to help make her dream a reality.

It’s taken time to get here because we had to trust Jenni’s story in the right hands — and we’re confident that we made the best partnership with Mucho Mas Media and this creative team.

Donald De Line added,

Jenni’s story is one that deserves to be told and will resonate not only with those who continue to call themselves fans, but with those who are passionate about stories that address the struggles and triumphs of women — across cultures — who are pursuing their best lives.


Featured image by Julio Enriquez (CC by 2.0).