Megadeth Fans Show Outpouring of Support as Dave Mustaine Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Dave Mustaine
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Dave Mustaine
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photo: Stuart Sevastos (CC by 2.0)

Former Metallica guitarist and current Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The beloved musician took to Twitter to inform fans of the news.  The offered support has been nothing short of extraordinary.

At the time of writing, over 50,000 Twitter users have liked or retweeted Mustaine’s message.

Additionally, it appears that the cancer was detected early. Per the same Twitter message, Mustaine noted that he’s been working closely with his doctors to explore treatment options; a stellar plan—one that his doctors “feel has a 90% success rate”—has resulted. Additional details, including when Mustaine will begin treatment, haven’t been released. However, it’s expected that updates regarding his progress will be posted on Twitter.

The 57-year-old Mustaine has long been a pillar of the rock community. He co-founded Megadeth in 1983, and throughout the last 36 years, the band has sold more than 38 million records and filled countless stadiums with adoring fans. More impressive than Megadeth’s continued success is the scale of this success; followers all around the world are still supportive in more ways than one.

Megadeth’s 15th studio album, Dystopia, was released in 2016, and the band was touring and crafting the 16th album up until Mustaine received his diagnosis. Now, 2019’s remaining Megadeth shows have been postponed indefinitely, and the aforementioned album has been shelved (although substantial progress has been made).

Between doctors, family members, fans, and fellow musicians, Mustaine certainly has an extensive support network behind him. While the journey he’s facing is arduous and demanding, he’s in a fantastic position to become healthy. Over 15,000 Americans are diagnosed with throat cancer each year, and the majority of these individuals survive and go on to enjoy fruitful lives.

Here’s to hoping that everything works out for Dave Mustaine—and that his diagnosis spreads awareness of throat and oral cancers, which affect about 750,000 people around the world every year.