Following Homophobic Threats, Lil Nas X Doubles Down on ‘Home of Phobics’

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Credit: YouTube

It’s only been a couple of days since “Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X revealed he’s gay on the last day of Pride Month.

Since the big reveal, Lil Nas X has faced tons of homophobic remarks on social media. He’s even been targeted by Boosie Badazz and 50 Cent for his sexual preference.

Just a few days ago, Lil Nas X shared an image of a cowboy-hat-wearing emoji holding a gun on Instagram.

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“Say one more home of phobic thing to me,” the rapper writes in the caption.

Despite the hate, Lil Nas X has also received an outpouring of love from fellow artists. Diplo tweeted to say “we love you tho,” while Dwayne Wade offered supportive words saying he’s proud of “who and what you represent.”

Obviously, the homophobic remarks are getting old, but that hasn’t stopped Lil Nas from enjoying his newfound fame. He’s even cracked a few jokes about it on Twitter.  After writing a song called “Panini” for his latest EP, the rapper tweeted Gordon Ramsay.

“Teach me how to make paninis while I’m still in London,” Lil Nas asked. Ramsay quickly got back to the rapper and told him to “name the day.”

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Photo Credit: Lil Nas X Twitter

Shortly after, Ramsay and Lil Nas X met up and made panini together. Lil Nas shared two images of himself with the famous chef, with both holding their culinary treats. Lil Nas seemed sad that the Hell’s Kitchen star didn’t curse and yell at him during his cooking lesson, however.

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” remix featuring Bill Ray Cyrus currently sits at the top of the Billboard 100 charts. Billboard previously disqualified the song from the country charts for not being a country song.  Since then, the song has enjoyed 17 weeks on the chart, and Lil Nas X claims the albums went  Diamond this week (the RIAA clarified that it’s actually 3x Platinum, not 10x Platinum which is required for Diamond certification).