Tyga Cancels Upcoming Swedish Show In Solidarity with A$AP Rocky

Tyga stands with A$AP Rocky.

Tyga recently announced, via Twitter, that he has canceled his planned concert in Sweden, which was scheduled to take place on July 14th.  The rapper cited A$AP Rocky’s recent legal troubles — and multi-week detainment — in Sweden as his reason for canceling the concert.

Tyga’s message ended with the #FREEASAPROCKY hashtag, which has gained considerable popularity during the last week and a half.

After performing in Sweden on July 2nd, A$AP Rocky and his crew were involved in a scuffle with multiple Swedish individuals; the Swedes seemed to be the aggressors, having initiated the conflict and broken a pair of headphones on Rocky’s bodyguard’s head.

The entire incident was recorded by one of Rocky’s party, a strongly suggested that the Swedes were the aggressors.

Rocky and his associates were then arrested on July 3rd, when it was revealed that they are facing assault charges, which carry a maximum six-year sentence in Sweden.  However, said charges were reduced from aggravated assault, which brings with it an even loftier potential sentencing.

Because the mentioned video more or less proved Rocky’s innocence, most believed that Swedish officers’ investigation would take little time to complete. To date, though, the matter is still ongoing — and Rocky is still being jailed, as Swedish officials believed him to be a “flight risk” and made use of Sweden’s two-week detainment laws, which allow suspected criminals to be jailed during ongoing investigations.

A$AP Rocky was forced to cancel the remainder of his European tours, including stops in Russia, Italy, and Spain.

Tyga, whose real name is Micheal Ray Stevenson, released an album, Legendary, last month.  The 29-year-old isn’t currently on tour but is set to perform in Texas, California, New Mexico, and other spots throughout the remainder of 2019.

Tyler, The Creator, Schoolboy Q, and other musicians have also refused to hold future performances in Sweden.