And Now, Netflix Is Releasing a Fyre Festival Spoof Series

The ill-fated Fyre Festival might not have seemed funny to those who purchased tickets and traveled to the Bahamas, but Netflix believes that the 2017 episode is worth spoofing.

The streaming giant recently provided additional information about The I-Land, a series that’s obviously based on Fyre Festival.  According to the trailer released by Netflix, The I-Land will be available on September 12th. The miniseries will consist of seven episodes.

The sneak peek shows several characters traveling to a tropical island for relaxation and a concert festival, only to be trapped on said island as part of a secret experiment.  The part-Lost, part-Fyre spoof will undoubtedly poke fun at high-income Millennials, the overwhelmingly affected demo.

While Fyre Festival’s actual attendees were able to return home, it wasn’t without delay, as the Bahamian government temporarily closed their airport, grounded flights to the U.S., and locked Fyre Festival attendees inside the airport terminal.

Earlier this year, Netflix released a documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, which described the planning behind Fyre Festival as well as the nightmarish experiences of ticketholders. Hulu released their own documentary on the festival, Fyre Fraud, just four days before Netflix’s documentary debuted.

Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, Alex Pettyfer, Kyle Schmid, and Giles Geary will star in The I-Land. Bosworth is also an executive producer.

Fyre Festival was advertised as a luxurious, world-class music festival. The locale was supposedly beautiful, the accommodations were supposedly state of the art, and the cuisine was supposedly decadent. In reality, though, the poorly-planned event featured inadequate housing, minimal security, and extremely lacking food.

Musicians didn’t perform at all, and attendees, some of whom paid over $1,000 for VIP tickets, were forced to brave inclement weather and long delays before making it home.

In 2018, Fyre Festival’s planner, Billy McFarland, was found guilty of wire fraud and mail fraud. He was sentenced to six years in prison and was ordered to pay $26 million to those he’d scammed.

Given the immense interest and press produced by Fyre Festival, it seems likely that The I-Land will prove popular amongst Netflix subscribers.