Diving Into the Top Music Innovations and Technology From 2019

Technology has had an impact on every single industry. The music industry is no exception. It’s influenced how music is consumed and how it’s written.

Music is more accessible than ever before, and everyone can be a music creator. Not only that, you can tune out the world and take your music anywhere. That’ incredibly exciting.

Read on to learn the top music innovations from the last year and what to expect in the upcoming year.

Artificial Intelligence

Music streaming services make money by keeping you listening for a long period of time. The longer you listen, the more money they make.

To keep you listening, these services are using artificial intelligence to predict the music that you want to hear. They already track what you forward and what you play over and over again. This data is used to create a profile designed to play more music that you’ll love.

AI is also hitting the composing side of the industry. Sony’s Flow Machine Project is an artificial intelligence project that has led the charge in music composition.

More Music-Based Startups

There are more music-based startups and incubators that are seeking to bridge the gap between music and technology. These startups range from products to streaming services.

You can expect to see most major cities find a way to support these startups to support arts and culture initiatives. If you have an idea for a music startup, you should plant your flag in an area that has this type of program in place.

Fitness Tech and Music

Everyone knows that music can make or break a workout. For musicians looking to catch a break and find a new audience, look to the fitness industry.

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Apps already exist that combine music and meditation. Streaming services offer playlists that speak to different moods.

As a musician, a partnership with a fitness app could be a fantastic opportunity to promote your music.

How Musicians Manage Money

Musicians are an interesting bunch. Some are multi-millionaires while others are starving artists. The one thing that technology has changed is how musicians are paid.

You can get paid from the various streaming services, which is paid per play. You’re paid through live performances, licensing,

One of the technological advances is in how you can prove income. You can use a program like Paystub Creator to create paystubs. That will help you get credit cards and loans.

The Top Music Innovations and the Future of Music

Technology has advanced every industry and music is no exception. After all, where would music be without the electric guitar?

There have been many top music innovations in the industry over the last year and you can expect to see the industry adapt and evolve for years to come.

Artificial intelligence will continue to be used to listen and write music. More startups will use music and technology to offer products and services to broad audiences.

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