Super Hi-Fi Granted a U.S. Patent for Its ‘MagicStitch’ Streaming Technology

Super Hi-Fi logo

Super Hi-Fi has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent on MagicStitch.

MagicStitch technology uses artificial intelligence to identify and remove dead air.  The result is a cleaner listening experience between tracks.

Super Hi-Fi says many streaming listeners complain about distracting transitions and jarring audio levels. MagicStitch is aimed at fixing those issues. Cofounder Zack Zalon says streaming services who want to set themselves apart need to address these issues or risk a subpar listening experience.

“It’s critical for streaming services to sonically distinguish themselves in order to remain viable. Super Hi-Fi’s platform empowers digital music providers to offer their customers a personalized, sonic experience that will drive engagement and enduring loyalty.”

Super Hi-Fi partners include Universal Music Group, Peloton, iHeartMedia, and the Associated Press.

Perhaps Peloton is the neediest client these days.  The cycling company has been battling massive copyright infringement claims, and desperately pulling songs and re-arranging mixes as a result.

According to Super Hi-Fi MagicStitch works by sorting through ‘trillions’ of audio characteristics.  Super Hi-Fi advertises the technology as having the “expertise of a human DJ.”  The technology can be used on music, audio news, weather, ads, and more for a stitched flow.

The only thing is doesn’t need: an actual human being.

Super Hi-Fi also notes that the company is expanding its back-end solutions.  Partners will be able to access a fully-customizable graphical tool to source, produce, tag, schedule, and deliver content between songs. These new tools will be rolling out to partners in the next few months.

The company’s goal is to offer AI radio production to the masses. Anyone with an audio presence can mix tracks into one another, create radio-style branding, and even arrange interview snippets. The technology is designed to help music streaming services more closely mimic traditional radio.

Meanwhile, traditional radio stations are dropping like flies or hemorrhaging cash as more users convert to music streaming. With hand-tuned AI solutions, that trend may continue, especially as the underlying economics deteriorate for traditional broadcasters.

Just recently, Universal Music Group announced a strategic partnership with Super Hi-Fi to use AI-driven tools for creating engagement on music streaming platforms.