Pandora Integrates Stations and Podcasts Into Instagram Stories

More than a year after Spotify, Pandora is finally enabling sharing on Instagram Stories.

In an effort to keep up with the competition, SiriusXM-owned Pandora is now allowing users to share content with friends through Instagram Stories.  This content can include songs, albums, podcasts, playlists, and stations.
In essence, this enables Pandora users to share the platform’s full library of songs and podcasts with others.

The company says that the feature will roll out to all its users within the next few weeks, with some users already having access to it. Though Pandora stopped short of indicating which users currently have access to feature, and exactly how the rollout will work.

Once the feature is available, accessing it will be easy.

Users simply have to tap the Share button while listening to content in the Pandora app and then tap “Instagram Stories.”  The app will automatically generate a distinct Cover Art card for use on a user’s Instagram Stories page that corresponds to the content.  Users can further customize the card with stickers and text, and they can also send the cards in direct messages.

After a card is posted on a Pandora user’s Instagram Stories page, all their friends will be able to play the content by tapping “Play on Pandora.” They can do this whether or not they are Premium subscribers. However, those who are not members will have to view a brief ad prior to the playing of the content.

Pandora is not the first streaming service to let its users share content on Instagram — not by a mile. In May of 2018, Spotify allowed its users to share content on Instagram Stories, though this feature was actually initiated by Instagram. In October of the same year, SoundCloud also allowed its users to share content through Instagram Stories.