Bassnectar Offers a Free 4-Week High School Class on Climate Change

Bassnectar (photo: Drew Ressler CC by SA 3.0)
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Bassnectar (photo: Drew Ressler CC by SA 3.0)
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photo: Drew Ressler (CC by SA 3.0)

DJ and record producer Bassnectar has launched a new project from his Be Interactive nonprofit organization.

The project will give educators around the world free access to a 4-week class related to climate change. The class includes both coursework and materials and was developed by Malanka Riaboken, who runs Guerrilla Science.

Be Interactive’s motivation for doing this is simple. According to the group, most teachers simply don’t have enough time and resources to come up with their own climate change coursework. Be Interactive further believes that teachers can integrate their tools into their teaching plans without significant hassle.

What this tool means for teachers is that they no longer have to research climate change on their own. Nor do they have to come up with lesson plans and homework assignments. The tool takes care of all of this. It even comes with a suggested class schedule.

Be Interactive already has a website online with the coursework, which is available for download. It includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Course materials
  • Grading rubric

The announcement comes on the heels of #ClimateStrike, in which 4 million people demonstrated worldwide in support of action against climate change. Most of these people were school-aged, with many still unable to vote.

Be Interactive gave Riaboken, who has designed similar courses for the University of Arizona, $10,000 to create the coursework.  She says that “lack of education is the root of all evil” and so she wants “science teachers to have what they need.”

Lia Holland, who is the executive director of Be Interactive, said that they are “working to amplify creative and civic-minded fans.”

Bassnectar, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, has performed at most major music festivals around the world, including his own festival, which is called Deja Voom. He also has produced 10 studio albums, including Unlimited, arguably his most recognized.