AEG Facilities and SMG Officially Merge to Form ASM Global

ASM Global venue Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai
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ASM Global venue Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai
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Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai

Just hours ago, SMG and AEG Facilities announced that they had finally completed their merger.  Introducing ASM Global.

In the process, the live concert giants have established a new company called ASM Global, which will manage more than 300 venues across the world in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  These venues include Soldier Field in Chicago, the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, and Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom, among many others.

The new company will have its headquarters in Los Angeles, with key offices as well in the Philadelphia area, along with London and Manchester in the United Kingdom, Brisbane in Australia and Sao Paulo in Brazil.  Its president and CEO will be Bob Newman, who was the president of AEG Facilities, which was the venue management subsidiary of Anschutz Entertainment Group.

Wes Westley, who was the CEO of SMG, will be responsible for the “seamless integration” of the two companies. However, what his future role at the new company will be, if any at all, has not yet been announced.

The merging of the two companies was initially announced this past February.

It does not include certain properties and areas in Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Hamburg, which are owned by AEG or currently under development by them. Both the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority approved the merger.

Newman said that the merger would establish “a new standard of excellence in managing live experiences” and “an exciting new chapter in our industry.” He added that the merger would bring together the expertise of both companies to maximize the potential of the world’s leading venues.

Westley also commented about the merger. He said that he was proud to lead a company such as SMG. He further said that ASM Global will provide additional value and services to its customers and that they are ready to seamlessly integrate the two companies.