Lizzo Fights Back — Files Countersuit Against Men Accusing Her of Plagiarizing “Truth Hurts”


Lizzo is striking back.

The singer and credited songwriter of the hit song “Truth Hurts” has filed a countersuit against brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen as well as Justin “Yves” Rothman.  The three claim that they recorded a demo with Lizzo in 2017, in which a key line from “Truth Hurts” was written by all four of them.

Last week, the three went public with their accusations, accusing the star of multiple instances of infringement.

In her countersuit, Lizzo is asking the Central District Court of California to find that the three men have no rights whatsoever to “Truth Hurts” or to any money that it has earned. She is also asking it to find that “Truth Hurts” does not infringe upon any copyright that the defendants may hold, and she further wants it to award her court costs and attorney fees.

“Lizzo… seeks a judicial declaration that the individual defendants Justin and Jeremiah Raisen and Justin ‘Yves’ Rothman did not co-author ‘Truth Hurts,’ and have no right to co-own that work or to share in its profits,” the complaint declares.

Lizzo also wrote an Instagram post to explain her position.

She insists that the three men accusing her “did not help me write any part of the song.” She says that they had nothing to do with how it was written or how she sang it. Though she does admit to using the line in question — which she says came from a meme — in the demo that her three accusers were involved in prior to using it in “Truth Hurts.”

Lizzo went on to accuse the two brothers of engaging in a “campaign of harassment” against her and others associated with “Truth Hurts,” and that they, in essence, had tried to extort money from her by threatening to take their accusations public.

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Cynthia Arato, who is Lizzo’s lawyer, also commented about the suit. She said that, while it is common for successful artists to be subjected to “these types of opportunistic claims,” she was disappointed that Lizzo had to take this step to put an end to the accusers’ “false claims and their campaign of harassment.”

So far, neither the Raisen brothers nor Rothman have issued a comment in response to Lizzo’s lawsuit.

Interestingly, there is one person who will be getting a credit (and presumably, a cut).

It turns out that the original creator of the “100% that bitch” meme phrase will be getting a nod.  Lizzo noted that singer Mina Lioness “is the person I am sharing my success with,” based on the inspiration it created.

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