How to Stay Healthy While Travelling for Work

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Did you know that it’s common to catch a cold during a flight? If you want some healthy travel tips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over travel diet and fitness tips. This way, you can maintain your health regime while working away from home.

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Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re traveling for work. People tend to eat salty snacks on a plane and don’t drink enough water while flying.

If you go to a warmer environment, you’ll end up sweating more. Your body can acclimate, but remember to drink tons of water.

You’ll feel tired and could get a nasty headache if you become dehydrated. Some people feel hungry when they’re thirsty.

If you forget your bottle at home, buy one at the airport or a store near your hotel.

Make Meals at Your Hotel or Pick up Fresh Food

Search online for the closest grocery store, health food store, or a local market. This way, you can pick up some fresh food, fruit, and vegetables.

Dining out is fun, but you could end up eating a lot of food that’s high in sodium and fat. Aim to eat salads, fruits, and vegetables throughout the day.

If you have a kitchenette in your hotel room, make your meals there. Go out for dinner as a treat on the weekend.

Stock Your Travel Bag

Bring raw seeds, nuts, health bars, and extra vitamin C. You can place all these items in a zip-lock bag.

Don’t forget to pack any essential vitamins and supplements. You can order here for a hair vitamin.

You can access your snacks or a supplement in your carry on.

Bring Plenty of Healthy Snacks

Pack bananas, oranges, apples, and a healthy trail mix. These snacks will help tide you over until you can get a meal.

If you’re craving a more savory snack, get an appetizer at a local restaurant. This way, you aren’t eating preservative-laden food from a convenience store.

Try to avoid the snacks and drinks from the snack cart when you’re flying. Ask for water with no ice. You could also get an herbal tea.

Most snacks are full of sodium, preservatives, and sugar.

Research Restaurants

If you’re dining out with work colleagues or need to grab a meal, make sure you research the menu beforehand. You can see what dish to order.

Aim to pick a meal that’s light on carbs and focused on protein and vegetables.

Bring a Travel Humidifier

Are you traveling to a drier location like Arizona or Utah? If you’re not used to the climate, you’ll end up with a sore throat. You can pick up a small travel humidifier. It will make a huge difference when you sleep.

Try to Get a Deep Sleep

Make your hotel room or Airbnb as dark as possible. Put a towel beneath the door if the light’s pouring in. Eye masks can work, as well.

Try to stick to a routine while traveling for work. Go to bed at the same time each night.

Start to prepare for bed by shutting off electronics an hour before bed. This way, you can begin to relax. Listen to a favorite music album, read a book, or talk to a loved one.

On the weekends, stick to a sleep schedule. Avoid staying up too late watching television.

Exercise Throughout the Week

If you aren’t walking a lot, try to head to the hotel gym. If your hotel isn’t far from a nature park, head out after work for a hike.

You’ll feel less anxious after working out. Exercise’s known to boost people’s mood and help them manage stress better. Make exercise a priority while traveling for work.

If you are meeting a friend for dinner, walk to the restaurant instead of taking a cab. You’ll get to see more of the city or town and workout at the same time.

Stay Organized

If you’re tired or stressed, you could end up forgetting an important item in your hotel room.

Put items back where they belong. Keep your keys, wallet, and other essential items in one spot.

Before you take a flight, lay out your clothes and the tools you’ll need. This way, you won’t end up forgetting to pack your laptop for the flight.

Staying organized will help your mental health. You won’t stress out about losing an important item.

Bring Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Most people get colds after taking a commercial flight. There are many germs on airplanes.

Avoid airplane germs by using disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Wipe down the TV, armrests, tray table, and seat with a few disinfecting wipes. The most important thing to disinfect is the airplane tray table.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

When you travel, you’ll need to remember to wash your hands frequently. This way, you can get rid of germs. Travelers touch a lot of things that other people touch.

Hotel toilets and sinks have a high level of bacteria contamination. The bedside lamp switch and TV remote at hotels do, as well.

Now You Know Some Healthy Travel Tips

We hope this guide on how to stay healthy while traveling was helpful. Now that you know more about healthy travel enjoy your business trip.

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