5 Creative Tips for Eclectic Musician Website Design

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Photo: FroZone

So, you want to be a rock’n’roll star? Well, then you might need to spruce up your musician website design skills, too. It may sound a bit bizarre, but showcasing good design skills can give you a tremendous edge in the uber-competitive (and crowded) music world.

Are you curious to find out exactly how an interactive, eye-catching website can help your music skills to shine through? Then read on. We are about to reveal to you not one, but five quick and easy ways to make your website rock.

1. Sing Your Own Tune – but Pick a Trusted Website Builder

You’re an eclectic musician playing your own unique genre of music, so you want a website that helps your audience to understand your value, and spurs them to find out more.

The first step to achieve this is to select a trusted, professional website builder that features music templates, and pick the one that most closely reflects your style, personality, and vibe.

2. Find Your Jam Session Partners

Just like music, great website design comes from the joint efforts of multiple people. Do a bit of research on the best professional photographers and copywriters out there, and get in touch to find out about their expertise, availability, and fees.

An awesome musician website relies on good-quality, high-resolution images as well as catchy, informative, and engaging content. Both these features will immediately boost your visibility, credibility, and exposure, ultimately making your musical talent stand out.

A bonus? Try to find a website content editor who knows how to create a workflow in Sitecore.

3. Keep Your Website in Tune

We’re not talking about actual music here, but about the importance of ensuring that your website is always up-to-date and full of fresh information.

Eye-catching design and punchy written content won’t be enough if you don’t feature any news on your latest tracks and upcoming gigs. So, keep the updates coming to keep the good times rolling.

4. A Call-to-Action Is Music to Your Ears

Any successful website includes a clear, enticing call-to-action, and musician websites work just in the same way.

Call-to-actions help you to make sure that anyone interested in your talent can find out more about your latest releases, upcoming concerts, and video clips. Make call-to-actions interactive and easy to spot, and pop them on more than one page.

5. Blow Your Own Trumpet

Last but not least, a great musician website isn’t just about music: you’ll want to add a section that tells your fans a bit about yourself.

Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet: you’ve deserved it after all, and your fans will no doubt be willing to find out more about your life and how your passion for music started out.

Strike a Chord With Your Fans, With Great Musician Website Design Skills

Now that you found out how excellent musician website design skills can truly help you to showcase your musical talents and help reach more fans, why don’t you get started at creating a great website today?

If you’re on the lookout for even more awesome, music-related content, then head over to our website now!