Pop Smoke’s Family Breaks Their Silence, Releases First Public Statement

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The family of late rapper Pop Smoke has addressed the public for the first time since their loved one was murdered on February 19th.

In a statement, relatives of Pop Smoke (whose full name was Bashar Barakah Jackson) said that they “deeply appreciated” the support offered to them during the last nine days. The message also indicated that Pop Smoke was proud to have hailed from and represented his native Brooklyn as he rose to prominence during the last year. Pop Smoke burst onto the music scene with a mixtape, Meet the Woo, in July 2019.

The communication closed with a reiteration that law enforcement professionals have not released many details pertaining to the circumstances of Pop Smoke’s murder, as well as a reminder that “inaccurate reports” will enhance the severity of the family’s suffering.

Despite an abundance of speculative headlines, LAPD detectives are still in the process of identifying the four suspects who forcefully entered Pop Smoke’s Los Angeles home in the early hours of the morning on February 19th.

Pop Smoke suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to a local hospital. The crime appears to have been carefully coordinated across state lines, as LAPD officers first learned of the matter from an East Coast caller — possibly someone who resides in Pop Smoke’s home city. Neither this individual’s specific location nor his or her identity has been publicly disclosed.

Also worth noting is that Pop Smoke had been arrested in New York City on January 17th, when the owner of a Rolls Royce reported the vehicle stolen and said that he’d loaned it to the artist in California. The caller said that Pop Smoke had agreed to return the car after a day, once he’d finished shooting a music video.

Pop Smoke’s second mixtape, Meet the Woo 2, was released on February 7th. The work’s early commercial performance was solid, and critical and fan opinions were generally positive.

Here’s the complete statement.

The family of Bashar ‘Pop Smoke’ Jackson would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support. Every prayer, call, and act of kindness is deeply appreciated as we mourn the loss of our son, brother and friend.

Brooklyn knew him as Bashar. He was educated and nurtured in Brooklyn and his rise to fame all developed from the place he proudly represented. Within the last year, his extraordinary giftedness was revealed to the world, introducing Pop Smoke.

Unfortunately, there are no public details available regarding the murder of our loved one. We ask for respect and responsible reporting during this critical time. Inaccurate reports only add unnecessary pain to a grieving family.