7 Excel Hacks You Need to Know

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Are you new to Excel or looking for some tips?

Looking through spreadsheets and trying to decipher data can seem complicated when navigating Microsoft Excel. Because of the complicated nature of Excel, there are often shortcuts and hacks that most people don’t think about. This can include simple shortcuts that copy and paste formulas or the ability to resize columns and rows.

Here are seven Excel hacks and tips that everyone should know.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a lifesaver.

You can quickly fix mistakes with CTRL + Z, find a specific word or number with CTRL + F, or head to the top of a page with CTRL + Up Arrow.

2. Resize Columns and Rows

Are you constantly resizing columns and rows to fit larger pieces of data?

You can wait until the end after you’re entered everything. Go to the line between columns and double click to instantly resize to the largest piece of text.

3. Change Your Numbers to Dollars or Percentages

Most Microsoft Excel tips are keyboard-based.

If you’re tired of switching specific columns to dollars or percentages, you can use a keyboard short instead. Simply hit CTRL + SHIFT + $ or % (depending on what you’re going for) on the selected cells.

4. Keep the Same Formatting in a Different Row or Column

Copy and pasting a column or row will give you the same data twice. If you want to copy the formatting of a column without the text, you can hit “Paste Special” and click what formatting you want to keep.

5. Utilize the Built-in Graph Option

One of the best tips for using Excel is utilizing the built-in graphing option.

Rather than having to retype the data into a separate graph, you can have it utilize the data you’ve already implemented. There are multiple graphs to choose from, like a bar graph or pie chart. For those that believe in the importance of data visualization, there are even 3D models you can use.

6. Change the Background for Presentations

Are you tired of looking at a white background while you type away?

You can change the background of the spreadsheet by going to the “Page Layout” section. From there, you have the option to change the background with a picture from the web or your computer.

Are you looking for a fully customizable Excel experience? Check out this C# Excel library.

7. Utilize the Auto Formula Option

Don’t waste time typing every single formula out. Instead, utilize the “Formulas” section.

This section features everything from auto-completing equations to giving you the formula for more advanced operations like engineering formulas or trigonometry.

Use These Excel Hacks to Master Microsoft Excel

By using these Excel hacks, you’re setting yourself up to be an Excel master. People will turn to you in the event that they’re struggling, and you can easily show them where you got your information by sharing the article with them. That way, they know the same information you do, and you can get back to plugging in those numbers.

If you want to learn more shortcuts for the Microsoft Suite, then be sure to check out the rest of the blog.