Live Stream Concerts: How Much Longer Till In-Person Music Returns?

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Photo: Pexels

This past year, the COVID pandemic has completely changed the world we live in.

From how we socialize to where we travel, there are precautions taken at every turn to keep people safe. For avid music lovers, the pandemic has also affected the ability to see live concerts. Live stream concerts have become the new normal.

As more people are getting vaccinated, the possibility of returning to normal life seems more in reach. Keep reading to learn when you could be enjoying live concerts again!

Live Stream Concerts: The New Normal

Many businesses faced shutdowns when COVID hit last spring. The live music industry lost billions of dollars in revenue. The live music industry lost billions of dollars in revenue. It faced a new challenge of finding creative ways to share and broadcast live shows. According to TimeOut, even though the pandemic has brought a complex set of challenges, it has also given way to “a unique era in live music”.

Music lovers have been able to experience the musicians they love from their digital screens. Musicians have been using the power of live streams to reach huge numbers. Artists and bands such as Dua Lipa, Sofi Tukker, and BTS have used sponsored and pay-per-view live stream concerts to keep the show going.

This new era of live stream concerts has changed the way artists connect with their fans. These digital streams have allowed music lovers at home to still connect with the musicians they love. According to Time, these live stream shows feel like more intimate experiences for the fans, compared to live shows.

Returning to the Stage

As more and more people in the US are receiving COVID vaccines, the hope of seeing live concerts again seems more in reach. Big concert industries like LiveNation are hoping to start live shows again this summer.

According to Rolling Stone, artists may be hesitant to start live touring again until they can visit the usual locations on their tour circuit. For this to happen, more people need to be vaccinated, and that may take some time.

However, a live industry executive has said that the vaccine timeline given by President Biden has increased hopes that post COVID concerts will take place in the coming year.

Live concerts for summer 2021 are not confirmed yet. Companies such as LiveNation and AEG say they would not want to return to indoor shows until venues could meet near full capacity. Financially, many companies and artists don’t think it would be wise to start the process of booking and preparing for live shows if they have the possibility of being canceled.

While executives are wary about announcing shows for summer 2021, there are higher hopes for a return to live concerts by possibly Fall 2021 and most likely by 2022. By this time, hopefully, most people will be vaccinated and it will be safer and financially beneficial to return to live shows.

Small outdoor shows are more likely to return first since social distancing and safety precautions can be implemented. Check out this article to see which concert venues are starting to open up.

Keep On Rocking On

COVID has dramatically changed the way the music industry interacts with its audiences. Despite the halt to live shows, fans have still been able to connect to their favorite artists through live stream concerts. And as more people are vaccinated, music lovers will be able to see their favorite acts on stage again by Fall 2021 or 2022.

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