5 Essential Pieces of Road Crew Kit

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Photo: bernardbodo

Is there anything more romantic than the idea of life on the road, traveling for the music?

Well, knowing where your toothbrush is at all times, for a start. Working as road crew for a band has its perks, but a well-equipped roadie is a happier roadie—and one who’s more likely to make a career of it.

Here are five essential pieces of road crew kit to get you through life on the road.

1. Spares

Do you know what a band calls a roadie who comes equipped with backup gear? A lifesaver.

Having the right spare available when a cable fails or a guitar string snaps will elevate you to a true roadie and someone the band can rely on. In turn, that makes your career prospects brighter.

Spare strings, tools, cables, and repair kits all make the list—think carefully about what you’ll need.

2. Travel Kit

Calling to mind the opinions of Douglas Adams concerning towels, your travel kit of basic necessities might be the thing that keeps you sane.

There’s a lot to be said for knowing where to find all of your daily necessities when you need them. Being on tour is no excuse to go unwashed (despite the stereotypes), and you’ll be glad to clean off the grime without having to find shampoo, soap, and toothpaste when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

3. Wireless Walkie Talkie

A roadie is at their most useful when they’re accessible. You aren’t much use to a band if they can’t get in touch with you, after all.

That’s where a wireless walkie talkie comes in. Even in a world of cell phones, nothing beats the reliability and ease of use a walkie talkie can offer when you’re trying to stay in the loop.

A walkie talkie will make it easier to respond quickly to sudden changes, like equipment swaps or shifts in the timing. Keep one with you, and you’ll always be on the ball.

4. Timings

However you keep track of time, we can’t stress enough that it’s your job to do it. No, you aren’t in charge of the schedule, but you’d better know it if you want to stay on a band’s good side.

So track show and set times according to your favored method. You can then group tasks based on these times, too, ensuring that you prioritize right.

5. Home Comforts

When you’re away from home for a long time, it doesn’t matter if you’re a touring musician or living on a submarine—you’ll miss having a place of refuge.

So remember that you’re a person, too, and you don’t get the privilege of a road crew looking after you. Pack some home comforts in your roadie kit, so you can take a slice of home with you wherever you go.

Life on the Road Crew

With these five essential pieces of road crew kit, you’re ready for life on the road. Whether you’re planning a long career or doing it for the art, you can expect to make some friends if you come prepared.

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