Whatever Happened to These Five Music Groups and Famous Artists?

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Photo: Pexels

Remember Ylvis?

Once upon a time, this comedic Norwegian duo was everywhere, and now they’re just a footnote in the pop culture of the early 2010s.

From one-hit wonders to willing recluses, once-famous celebrities seemingly fall off the face of the earth all the time. Whether the spotlight moved on or they decided fame wasn’t all that fun, it can be a bit shocking to realize one day that a face that was everywhere a few days ago is now completely missing.

Here are five famous artists and musicians who vanished from the spotlight.

1. Khia

While it may seem like the artist behind 2002’s smash hit “My Neck, My Back” fell off the face of the earth after the release of her LP Thug Misses, Khia is still going strong.

After Khia introduced the world to her ever-iconic 2002 bop, she started a record label and released a whopping seven more full albums. So, while the original Thug Misses may not be in the spotlight anymore, she never stopped recording.

2. Gotye

After a meteoric rise to worldwide fame, this Australian artist seemingly vanished off the face of the earth following a 2014 announcement that he was retiring his stage persona. Now Gotye’s just somebody that we used to know.

But, while Gotye may be gone, Wouter “Wally” De Backer is still out there making music with his band The Basics.

3. Meg White

While Jack White is pretty consistent in releasing new music, either on his own or with one of his several bands, no one has heard from Meg White, his ex-wife, and ex-bandmate, since the band disbanded back in 2011.

As the White Stripe’s star rose, the talented drummer realized that fame was not her cup of tea and decided to step out of the spotlight. That said, her sudden and nearly unexplained disappearance probably didn’t help her find the privacy and quiet she craved.

4. Montell Jordan

After reaching superstar status in the mid-90s with hits like “This Is How We Do It,” Montell Jordan decided that he was done with the music industry in 2010 and dedicated his life to becoming a worship leader at the Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia. That said, the former celebrity will still occasionally break out one of his classic hits just for fun.

5. Glenn Miller

This one’s a bit vintage, but odds are you’ve heard one of Glenn Miller’s iconic tunes in the background of a movie or even sampled in another slightly more recent song.

Of all of the famous artists on this list, Mr. Miller is the only one who literally disappeared, and even now, over 75 years later, we still have no idea what happened to him. While flying from the UK to France in 1944, Miller’s plane vanished somewhere over the English Channel, and the man behind “Midnight Seranade” was never seen or heard from again.

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How Famous Artists Disappear

It may come as a shock, but Ylvis is still together and still working on various projects, but unless you’re Norwegian, there’s a good chance you won’t see or hear from them for a while.

Like trends, famous artists and musicians come and go. But no matter how far they stray from the spotlight, a little bit of their work will always live on in the hearts and minds of their fans.

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