7 Ways Technology Will Revive Live Music Events

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit at the top of 2020, it initially brought the music industry to a standstill.

Musicians were no longer able to put on live in-person shows for their fans.

But many of them found creative ways to continue to put on live performances for the world. A good number of them held virtual concerts and used other forms of technology to stay connected with those who love their music.

Fortunately, live music events are starting to make their return now that the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to subside. But that doesn’t mean that the music industry is going to stop using tech to its advantage as things move forward.

There are lots of ways in which technology is going to help revive local live music events. If you own a company that’s trying to figure out how to plan a live music event in a post-pandemic world, you should take full advantage of all that tech has to offer to you.

Here are seven ways tech is expected to help revive live music events.

1. It Makes It Possible to Spread the Word About Live Music Events

Now that the U.S. appears to be on the road to recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, pretty much everyone who makes music is gearing up to get back out on the road. This has made it challenging for some acts to spread the word about their upcoming live music events.

Technology is helping them in this regard by making it possible to let people know about the tour dates that they have on their calendars. With little more than a tweet on Twitter or a graphic on Instagram, an artist can fill their fans in on when and where they’ll be performing in the coming months.

2. It Helps to Sell Tickets to Live Music Events

In addition to informing people as to when and where certain musical acts will be holding live music events in the near future, technology is also helping them to get their hands on tickets to these events. It has never been easier to buy concert tickets online.

And since a lot of the companies that specialize in selling concert tickets have had about a year off from actually doing it, they’ve improved a lot of their behind-the-scenes operations. This should, at least in theory, lead to better experiences when people go to purchase tickets to events online.

3. It Allows People to Get Immediate Access to Digital Tickets to Live Music Events

Even though it seems as though the worst of the pandemic is behind us, there are still some people who are a little bit nervous about picking up germs from other people. They want to limit the chances of having to come into contact with those that they don’t know.

Technology has made it possible for people to get immediate access to digital concert tickets after they buy them. This means that they won’t have to worry about giving a physical ticket to a ticket collector at a concert and possibly spreading their germs along with it. It’s going to make many people feel more comfortable about attending live music events.

4. It Makes Wearable Tickets and Devices a Possibility for Live Music Events

Prior to the pandemic, there were already some musical acts that were started to tinker with the idea of providing their fans with wearable tickets. These tickets came in the form of bracelets that people could wear to live music events to prove that they had paid for a ticket to it.

It sounds like more musical acts might take this trend and run with it. As an added bonus, some of them are also going to make these wearable tickets a part of their shows by making them different colors during different points of their concerts. It could help to take these concerts to the next level for many fans.

5. It Enables Security to Manage Concertgoers More Effectively at Live Music Events

Even though the social distancing requirements that were put into place during the pandemic have been loosened, many concert venues are expected to continue to try to keep people separated as best they can. This is going to take some work on the part of the security teams hired to manage concertgoers.

But it does sound like some venues are going to begin using what are called smart gates when welcoming people to live music events. They’re able to help keep people moving along when they’re walking into a venue so that they don’t get all bunched up in one place.

6. It Keeps Live Music Events Safer From a Health Perspective

Airports have been using thermal cameras for years now to detect health issues with passengers. They’re able to see if any passengers have elevated temperatures while they’re walking around.

There are some concert venues that are expected to use these same types of thermal cameras to stop people with dangerously high temperatures from coming into their facilities. It should make live music events much safer than they would be otherwise and ensure that people feel comfortable at them.

7. It Provides People With Amazing Shows at Live Music Events

At the end of the day, people have been clamoring to attend live music events for months now. As a result, all that they really want out of these events is to be entertained.

And technology is going to make it possible for musicians to entertain their fans like never before. They’ll be able to put on incredible shows through the use of the most advanced audio-visual setups of all time.

They just need to make sure that they have a reliable IT team on hand to assist them with all of the technological aspects of this. Visit Velocityit.net if you own a company that needs IT assistance.

Technology Is Going to Help Shape Live Music Events From Here On Out

At this point, musicians aren’t going to have to go too crazy to make people happy during live music events. People will be so thrilled to be at these events that they’ll be quick to excuse any musicians who don’t put on their best shows for one reason or another.

But as we all move forward and aim to put the COVID-19 pandemic in our collective rear-view mirror, it’s important for musicians to embrace technology. As you’ve seen here, it’s going to help their live music events in so many ways.

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