Musical Marketing: 9 Marketing Strategies for Musicians

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It isn’t always easy to keep up with the music business.

After a year of concerts, tours, and recording sessions being canceled, you might be feeling extra pressure to get back out there and promote your music.

If music marketing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Keep reading, and we’ll give you 9 helpful marketing strategies to get you started.

1. Use Social Media

It’s no secret that most young people rely on social media to find new information. Whether it’s national news, a picture of someone’s lunch, or a new album release, they’re probably finding out about it on Twitter or Instagram.

Plus, having these accounts makes you look professional!

2. Get On YouTube

Even though streaming is the most popular way to listen to music, don’t underestimate YouTube. 68% of new music seekers primarily use YouTube to discover new artists.

You don’t need a music video to use this strategy. You can post a lyric video, or even just a still picture with your song playing in the background.

3. Get On Streaming

Streaming is the most popular way to listen to music. Even if you don’t have a large fanbase, streaming is your friend.

If you post a link to your song on social media, people are much more likely to click on it if they can listen to it on a platform they’re accustomed to.

4. Know Your Demographics

Demographic research is one of the most important digital marketing tools. When you know what kind of people are interested in your music, you can tailor your advertising to them.

5. Get Reviewed

Getting your music reviewed can be nerve-wracking, but it’s one of the best forms of marketing for musicians. After all, people put a lot of trust in their favorite music critics.

Send your music out to music blogs and magazines and ask them to consider writing about it.

6. Sell Merch

T-shirts with your band’s name on them are great marketing tools. Even if they’re only worn by your friends, they have advertising power.

When people see a cool design, they’re going to want to know what it means. Anyone passing by your logo could be a new listener!

7. Use Your Personality

Fans love to get to know the person behind their favorite songs. Don’t post only promotional content on your socials; show them fun behind-the-scenes stuff too!

Be yourself. Relatability is your friend.

8. Use Memes

The internet always has a new joke of the week. Try repurposing the latest meme template or viral Twitter joke and making it relate to your music.

Memes show your fans that you’re just like them. Plus, funny advertising is more memorable.

9. Invest in Yourself

If you’re fortunate enough to have money set aside for your music, put some into marketing. Consider hiring professionals like the folks at 321 The Agency to take your press to the next level.

Put These Marketing Strategies to Work

Start building your audience today. Your music deserves to be heard, and the right marketing strategies will help you make sure it is.

For more information on music business trends, check out the rest of our blog.