The Complete Band Equipment Checklist to Have for Your Concert

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Music is one of the most popular commodities in today’s world.

It can be heard everywhere, from restaurants to shopping malls and TV commercials.

Music is also a massive part of many people’s lives, with concerts being the most significant event each year. Concerts are expensive affairs, though, so it’s essential to put together your band equipment checklist before you head out to buy everything new!

In this article, we will cover the essentials of a band equipment checklist. This is so you can rest easy knowing that you have everything you need.

Whenever you’re ready to discover the necessary instruments for concerts, please keep reading.

Is There A Standardized Set of Band Equipment?

Not really. Every band is different, and as such, they will need a customized list of equipment that has been tested to be reliable in the specific environment where their concert is being held.

Furthermore, many band equipment items can be damaged during transit. The best way to avoid this is to buy used and carry the bulk of your instruments in a storage container whenever you set up or break down for a concert.

Is It Better To Buy Used Or New?

It’s always better to buy used than new, but there are some situations where buying new is preferred:

When it comes to amplification type of speakers, drum sets, etc., buying these from reputable dealers when they’re still under warranty will help ensure that any problems with the product are fixed quickly and easily at no cost on your end.

However, if purchasing from an unreliable dealer, then it’s best to go ahead and buy new so that you have proof of quality when making returns.

It’s always best to purchase new ones when it comes to sound mixers, lighting systems, and other delicate equipment. These items can be costly to repair or replace if damaged during a concert.

When it comes to microphones, cables, and other accessories, it’s generally best to purchase these new ones as well.

However, some band members may have older microphones or cables that they’re comfortable using – in this case. It would be better to test these out before the concert to ensure no issues.

Keep reading to learn about the essentials for any common band equipment checklist.

What Can I Include In My Concert Band Equipment Checklist?

The following items might not all apply for every group going to a show, but it’s good to have them just in case:

Musical Instruments

This applies only if your group plays music during concerts or similar events! If not, you won’t need any tools at all (obviously). Some popular options include guitars, drums, and microphones.

Power Sources

Many concerts are held in areas with no power, so it’s essential to have a reliable way of powering your instruments. one can do this via batteries or an external generator.


If you’re going to use speakers during the show, then make sure they are plugged into some amplifier!

Alternately, you could also bring a couple of extra smaller amplifiers and hook up all the necessary equipment that way.


Having enough cables on hand will allow easy setup and relocation throughout different parts of any given area!

Also, don’t forget about adapters, which might come in handy when trying to match one type of connection with another.

However, if everyone has their instrument(s), this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Learn about CNC machining to get your cable needs taken care of.

Spare Equipment

Try to bring along any extra supplies you might think are necessary if one of your instruments breaks down during the show!

Things like drum sticks, picks, reeds, and more will all come in handy when it’s least expected.

Stage Presence

This is something that every performer has, whether they realize it or not. A vital stage presence can help hold a crowd’s attention even if everything else goes wrong throughout a concert! Practice being confident on-stage and projecting energy, so your audience knows they’re appreciated.

With enough planning ahead, though, anyone should have no problem putting together their band equipment checklist before heading out for what could become a memorable night.

How to Ensure You Never Forget Certain Equipment Again

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from forgetting anything important is by getting a band equipment budget. This will ensure that you spend the money right and have the required items at all times.

Just fill out everything on there that you will need for your concert, and if it’s not checked off, then make sure to double-check before heading somewhere!

You can also get creative with this list, too – maybe check off items as they are purchased so you know which ones still need purchasing.

It all depends on how detailed you want your spreadsheet to be. Try having fun with it and making it perfect for everyone involved!

What if I Have to Order Something Special?

If something specific needs ordering online or picking up at a specialty store, try creating a separate checklist just for those types of things instead.

This can be extremely helpful in ensuring that nothing is missed and that everyone knows what still needs to be done before the concert. Plus, it can also help out with post-concert duties as well!

Band Essentials Ready for Use

With the proper band equipment checklist, everyone will have everything they need to perform. This is an excellent way for musicians of any skill level to feel prepared and ready ahead of time, so there are no surprises at the actual show!

Try this guide out or create your own list/spreadsheet if you want more freedom with what’s on it. Either way, being well-prepared can be very helpful when trying something new, like performing in front of an audience!

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