360-Degree Platform Artist Republik Acquires Remote Collaboration Upstart Featured X

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Comprehensive 360-degree artist platform Artist Republik has officially acquired remote collaboration platform Featured X — the latest move in a continued expansion of artist services.

Artist Republik is announcing the high-profile acquisition today, which follows its launch of artist-feedback service Elite Reviews. The Providence, Rhode Island-headquartered Artist Republik has specified that Featured X’s talent-filled creator community will continue to provide on-demand collaboration opportunities to rock acts (alternative, metal, and indie alike) and branch out into new genres while staying true to its initial vision.

“Featured X is an amazing addition to the Artist Republik family!” Nick Cianfaglione, CEO of Artist Republik, told DMN. “Between the team behind it to all of the artist’s apart of the Featured X Community; the Featured X platform will amplify the mission of Artist Republik to empower artists across the world to take control of their career, establish multiple sources of reliable income, and open up new opportunities that did not exist before.”

The acquisition, like the aforementioned deal involving Elite Reviews, is the latest in a line of moves designed to bolster Artist Republik’s offerings and its status as a fast-growing artist-services hub (DMN is working with Artist Republik to break down all the nodes of its 360-degree model, so stay tuned a deeper dive on this fast-emerging company ahead). Moreover, Artist Republik’s ever-expanding collection of assets looks well-positioned to attract additional creators, both because of the ongoing emphasis on remote collaboration and the wider industry pivot towards accessible, cost-effective, and gig-based services. 

Building upon the point, all manner of musicians, from experts of specific styles to The Voice veterans and many others yet, are standing by on Elite Reviews to afford tomorrow’s star artists constructive criticism, technical analyses, and encouragement that could help them take their careers to the next level. Featured X, for its part, currently boasts north of 700 vocalists, nearly 200 guitarists, some 135 drummers, and close to 100 bassists, for instance. 

And on the creative side, it bears mentioning that Featured X founders Jeff Menig (Marketing Director at The Masquerade) and Ryan O’Leary (Bassist for ‘Fit For a King’) developed the service to unlock earning opportunities for rock musicians, besides helping the genre’s artists to embrace collaboration. Certain observers have noted that rock creators are relatively hesitant to capitalize on cutting-edge tech tools, compared to creators in other genres.

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CEO and Founder of Artist Republik Nick Cianfaglione

In this way, Artist Republik’s substantial resources and sizable community should aid Featured X in realizing its original goal and recording more far-reaching accomplishments yet. 

To be sure, Artist Republik currently serves over 80,000 independent artists, in addition to maintaining a network of over 2,000 industry professionals. Included in the platform’s offerings are marketing tools, fan-discovery assets, no-risk merchandise options, contract/payment management choices, a one-stop distribution service, and much more. 

Plus, Artist Republik has secured investments from Benchmark Capital founding general partner David Beirne, esteemed wealth-management professional Humble Lukanga, and others. Consequently, the just over, one-year-old business has indicated that it intends to continue its ambitious expansion in the coming months, and it’ll be worth following the involved measures. 

It goes without saying that the music industry has changed considerably in recent years, to the particular benefit of fans. Now, this evolution is having a material impact on artists and the way that they bring their works to life.