Cannabis Expert ELFLACO Is Taking Over the Top Social Clubs Across Spain 

Photo Credit: ELFLACO
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Photo Credit: ELFLACO
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Photo Credit: ELFLACO

With increased cannabis consumption, social clubs are becoming more popular in Spain and Europe.

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Cannabis social clubs are simply associations of marijuana users that come together to enjoy and share information. The social clubs are meant to help the members with safe cannabis cultivation and consumption for recreational use.

In Spain, cannabis social clubs have become more and more popular, with users joining forces to better their experiences. The members get access to high-quality cannabis grown and distributed under the clubs’ supervision. Marijuana from social clubs is only available to its members, as they operate in locked, private circles. The cannabis social clubs’ swift operational strategies have gained popularity, attracting numerous cannabis users.

ELFLACO, a renowned cannabis influencer and expert, is one of the people taking over the top social clubs across Europe. ELFLACO is widely regarded as one of the faces of Spain’s cannabis industry for his enormous contribution to it. He is a member of a highly-rated social club in Barcelona, among many others in Spain.

ELFLACO was born in Milan, Italy, in 1979 and began life as a young man making his way in the music world alongside Vasco Rossi. The young ELFLACO was wholly fascinated with music and would follow Vasco’s 137 tours. It wasn’t until 2013, that he decided to make a change and moved to Barcelona, Spain.

It’s in Barcelona where he found the wonders of the cannabis world. ELFLACO’s pursuit of a better life led him to discover the cannabis social clubs, where he landed small jobs. The social clubs were more than welcoming to the desperate ELFLACO, providing him the opportunity to transform his life. His interest and desire to learn and grow led him to become a street promoter while working for various social clubs, completely ushering him into the adventures of the cannabis world.

ELFLACO has since become a member of numerous social clubs and lounges in Italy and Spain thanks to his active social media platforms.

He’s also actively engaged in event organizations across the most influential clubs in Spain with the hottest singers. He has worked with several musicians, among them Gué Pequeno, Sfera Ebbasta, Capo Plaza, and Marracash. ELFLACO is credited as the first person to introduce smoke sessions with VIPs to clubs.

With a well-established name in the industry, the cannabis expert’s goal was to raise awareness of the recreational and medicinal uses of cannabis throughout Europe. ELFLACO has been a great admirer of the American cannabis industry model, which is well organized and has popular brands such as Cookies. He seeks to follow in the American industry’s footsteps and introduce the vibrant European cannabis industry to the world.

He is currently partnering with popular Italian singer Capo Plaza and the elite iLMYO brand to establish a new club. With the latter, they have already created a special and innovative product for smokers: a luminous tray with wireless smartphone charging, which has taken over the smoking world. ELFLACO could not hide his joy at seeing the product sell out hours after its launch.

Moving forward, ELFLACO hopes to continue organizing more events and make Spain’s cannabis social clubs better known to the young people of Europe.