How Auggie Velarde Is Helping Pave the Way for Future Peruvian Artists

Auggie Velarde
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Auggie Velarde
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Photo Credit: Auggie Velarde

Launching a career in a foreign country can be a difficult task for any artist to accomplish.

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You are primarily operating in a foreign environment that can be different from your home country. There are lots of barriers to face with language claiming a top spot. Music is widely known to be centered on culture or society, and this implies that artists have to learn and align themselves with the new ethos to keep moving. Fortunately, music is the only known universal language that transcends various barriers to connect people of different cultures and locations.

Auggie Velarde, a Peruvian-American singer and songwriter, is one artist who has successfully launched a music career in a different country. The Peruvian immigrant moved to the US with a desperate family, with only a dream for a better life. They had practically nothing but the hope for a better tomorrow.

It was while in the US that Auggie Velarde grew a passion and love for the music industry.

He grew up with a relentless passion for music that kept him moving despite the numerous discouragements by his family. To them, music was a challenging path for him to pursue, and they would not want to see their son struggle. However, Auggie was more than determined to chase his music passion. He dedicated his life to pursuing both computer studies and music, which eventually worked in his favor. Computers allowed him to create music while he was coding. He has since struck a balance between creating and coding, what he terms as a liberating experience.

Auggie has since established one of the most vibrant music brands. He is widely known for his thrilling and entertaining music with catchy melodies that will leave you hooked. His innate music talent has seen him claim various awards, including the prestigious TUMI USA Award 2018, which recognizes immigrants who have overcome life adversities to live their dream. Auggie was awarded for his resilience and exceptional commitment to community service.

Auggie is also the winner of Château Éphémère and Groover’s ”From Bed Production to Stage” Electronic Music Residency Program in 2020. His music trophy cabinet also houses the Summer League Final Tournament award that he bagged in 2019. Auggie’s music talent has also seen him feature as the cover of TIDAL’s “Trap del Sur” editorial playlist. He was also recently featured on SoundCloud’s home page as a selected artist for LatinX month.

With so much success to his name, Auggie wants to leverage it to help others along the way.

He aspires to continue paving the way for other Peruvian artists and help them find their own success in the industry.

His dream is to continue growing his music brand and hopefully to collaborate with some of the artists he has always adored. He hopes to capitalize on his unique and vast musical talent to work on a project to fuse his cultural influences alongside some of his musical heroes. This would be not only a source for a ton of innovative musical experiments but also an inspiration to thousands of aspiring Peruvian artists seeking success in the industry.

To Auggie Velarde, no obstacle is too big to block you from chasing your dream. The essence is to adopt a positive mentality and keep an eye on the prize.