An Exclusive Interview With the CEO of Forward, Neel Dhingra

Neel Dhingra
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Neel Dhingra
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Photo Credit: Neel Dhingra

“Getting rich is not hard; becoming the person who gets rich is” – Neel Dhingra.

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While it can take a long time to become successful, you are set for success once you crack the code. Neel Dhingra took 38 years to make his first million, and two months later, he had already made his second million and was building an empire. He is now the founder and CEO of Forward Academy a leading firm helping real estate agents and mortgage brokers leverage digital marketing to tap into the unmatched financial opportunities in real estate. He was also recently recognized as a Top Video Influencer by industry software provider BombBomb & Tom Ferry.

With the growing number of active users on the different online platforms, digital marketing has become a vital tool for growth. Having worked in the real estate industry for 15 years, Neel decided to take things up a notch after discovering the rapidly growing digital content creation space.

According to Neel, through creating YouTube videos and informative Instagram and Facebook posts, he grew his mortgage business by over 1,000% in three years. The massive growth inspired Neel to help other people learn how to do the same.

Most people are held back by their fear of taking risks and the opinions of others. Defining risks as opportunities, Neel says, “What’s riskier is not trying out new ideas.” He further adds, “For an idea to blossom, execution is a must.”

For the host of the annual Forward Event, venturing into a relatively new market posed a challenge. He recalls someone asking whether they make videos or if they actually close real deals. Others told him to quit following his idea and that it would never work. Undeterred, Neel knew the only way to get the answers was to follow through with his vision. He is currently generating an eight-figure income from his real estate investments.

Neel notes that people will always have something to say about you – it is human nature. This should never be the reason for you to quit your dreams. Rather than focusing on what they have to say, work on generating results, and once they see results, they will all be quiet.

“To get the lifestyle you desire means working twice as hard,” says Neel. His advice is to start investing in your future as early as now. Considering the current trends, the only way to survive and attain growth is by either selling technology or using technology for your business. With almost everyone having access to online platforms, digital platforms hold the power to make you successful.

In addition, Neel notes, “Failure is normal, and failing doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road. The lessons you acquire at the time mold you into a future winner. Remain consistent and constantly work on ways to become better at what you do.”

Your candle won’t lose its shine by lighting other people’s candles. A firm believer in winning as a team, his company has helped thousands catapult their sales. As Neel continues to grow, he is looking to help many more through his platform.