The Incredible Story of Pop Artist SSernets Who Overcame Failure to Become a Social Media Sensation

Photo Credit: Sacha Sernets

Photo Credit: Sacha Sernets

If music feeds the soul, pop is the sauce.

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The genre got its name from the word “popular,” and needless to say, it has proved to be so since its inception in the 1950s. Modern pop music is the polished form of a traditional genre that’s been through several changes over the past decade because of fearless musicians. Singer and composer Sacha Sernets is one such daring artist who has never hesitated to experiment with this genre. His 5 million followers on YouTube and 2 million average monthly listeners on Spotify are proof that he did justice to the genre by reviving it with his love, passion, and energy.

Sacha started his career as an animation voice artist at one of the renowned studios in his hometown of Nashville. His strong and euphonious voice made him the perfect fit for this job that gave him financial stability but not fulfillment. Since childhood, he has loved listening to music, and playing the guitar has always been his favorite pastime. It wasn’t before he was spotted by a famous director at the studio that Sacha realized his true passion. The director asked him to participate in an audition for Virgin Records, which then seemed like a ticket to stardom for Sacha. Unfortunately, he failed to impress the judges as his craft required a lot of honing. He took this initial failure as a challenge to work hard on his craft and become an independent artist.

Sacha always knew his forte lay in pop. This made it easier for him to discover his unique style and original voice to penetrate the industry. Finding an audience was the key to kick-starting his career as a newbie in the extremely competitive music industry. Sacha launched his YouTube Channel “Sound Box” in March 2018 with his debut single “Lonely Night.” The song became a viral trend almost instantly, making him a rising star on social media. Four other singles followed it in 2018 that replicated the success of “Lonely Night.”

As his popularity grew, offers to perform live across the US came pouring in. In 2019, Sacha became a sought-after pop singer at live concerts, shows, and music festivals. He has performed at Nashville Sunday Nights, Music in the Vines, and Pitchfork Music Festival. His soaring career as a live performer experienced a sudden halt at the beginning of 2020 when shows were postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. Sacha became jobless for months, yearning to hit the stage again and make the audience move. With time, he realized that the situation would not get better any soon. This was when he decided to make a comeback on social media and enthrall his audience on digital platforms.

He released his sixth single, “Jilted Soul,” in August 2020 and took the internet by storm. His unconventional blend of pop with undertones of rock has kept the audience hooked to the song. “Jilted Soul” reflects his experiences during the pandemic lockdowns that forced him to stay away from what he loves the most, performing. The blazing lyrics and electrifying music resonated with music enthusiasts all over the world.

Currently, Sacha is excited about his next release in December this year. The musician is yet to reveal the title of this upcoming project. While Sacha still wants to return to the stage to perform in front of live audiences, he wants to continue scaling his fan following on digital platforms for many more years to come.