Meet DJ Shawn G, the Multi-Talented Artist Turned Business Expert

Photo Credit: DJ Shawn G
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Photo Credit: DJ Shawn G
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Photo Credit: DJ Shawn G

Life is full of endless possibilities, and your first choice does not have to be your last.

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You can still pursue other careers and excel if you have talent. This has been proved by multi-talented artist and now business expert DJ Shawn G.

Shawn developed an interest in music from a young age. He recalls, he enjoyed spending time listening to music, and it was through his love for music that he was drawn to DJing. Believe it or not, Shawn has been a DJ since he was 12 years old. DJ Shawn G has had the opportunity to work with top musicians in the industry and performed at multiple events.

According to DJ Shawn G, the network he built working as a DJ paved the way for his career in the music industry and the entrepreneurial space. As he attended and DJed at various events across the globe, he was also increasing his skills. Besides DJing, Shawn is a digital marketer and Talent Manager.

He is the CEO and Founder of the leading digital marketing agency, Tomorrow’s Group, and live event company Today’s Tomorrow Productions. Together with his team at Tomorrow’s Group, Shawn is helping businesses and brands scale their venture by attracting the right attention.

He notes that the key to success in entrepreneurship is having a powerful marketing strategy. With the recent changes in consumer behavior that was followed by the shift of businesses to the online space, social media has become a powerful tool for brands. With his team, they utilize the network he has built over the years and the marketing skills to establish businesses as an authority and grow their sales.

Additionally, Shawn is a manager of Roc Nation Artist, Casanova, and Actor Shiggy. He has also recently ventured into cryptocurrency and the NFT space. He says that although the journey has not been easy, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, his love for entrepreneurship has kept him finding new endeavors.

Success is a process, and rarely does one become successful overnight, says DJ Shawn. He notes that the only way to achieve your dreams is to work smart, remain focused, and never give up. By believing in himself and always striving to be better at what he does, Shawn expanded his skills and scaled his ventures. He has toured over 60 cities and 18 countries. He says his goal is to open up a restaurant and purchase more real estate in the coming years. He will also be picking up additional talent.

His advice to fellow entrepreneurs and artists is to never give up on their goals. Shawn notes that while not everything will go according to plan, every problem has a solution. Rather than focusing on your failures, take the lessons learned and use them to avoid similar mistakes.

DJ Shawn G proves that you can follow different paths and still excel in all of them. As he continues to grow his company, he is helping businesses win through his effective marketing strategies. DJ Shawn G is also giving young talents a platform to showcase their skills.