DJ Nicky Rizz Serves as an Inspiration for Up-and-Coming DJs

Photo Credit: DJ Nicky Rizz

Photo Credit: DJ Nicky Rizz

While music can be a form of art that inspires us and pulls us together, it can be an incredibly difficult and challenging industry in which to join and perform.

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Many have dreams. To become singers, DJs or producers, the demands and sheer pressure of the music world is enough to discourage many. However, Nicky Rizz is an upcoming DJ based in New York who even after seeing the challenges ahead of him, is ready to enter this industry because he’s fueled by nothing but pure passion.

Most people begin to wonder about what they want to do in life, and it can take them decades to figure that out. It wasn’t that way for Nicky; he always knew what he wanted to do and he knew that being a DJ was his passion and purpose in life. To explain his talent and hard-work, DJ Nicky Rizz is the youngest of the world-famous group Heavy Hitters with 4,400 monthly listeners.

His inspiration kicked off after seeing a live performance on a cruise. This was when everything started to become clear and DJ Nicky Rizz knew where he was headed in life. DJ Nicky Rizz worked hard for years to perfect his talent. He taught himself everything about being a DJ.

The first proper milestone and achievement for Nicky came in 2019, when he was accepted as a member for the world-famous DJ crew Heavy Hitters. This was the day that DJ Nicky Rizz’s official and professional career as a DJ kicked off.

Rizz has been able to display and perform at some of the most popular clubs across the country, including NYC hot spot Harbor Night Club, Liv Miami, TAO in Las Vegas, and HQ2 in Atlantic City and many others. DJ Nicky Rizz also represents Dream Hospitality who is currently running the New York City nightlife.

However, getting where he is right now and the incredible success he has achieved did not come easy. There were several milestones and challenges that he had to overcome before he got to where he is today. DJ Nicky Rizz says that getting his name out there and being known for his work was among the most difficult tasks he has had to do. Making it into the industry has also not been easy for DJ Nicky Rizz, and after that staying in the industry has been a further challenge.

When talking about wisdom, DJ Nicky Rizz says that you should first and foremost never give up on your dreams. If you truly love what you do and you have the kind of passion that will push you, then all you have to do is believe in yourself and your ability. He also says that communicating with people in the business and developing a strong network can contribute to your success.

In the coming years, Nicky Rizz wants his name and brand to be known all around the world, and with the rate of his success, this goal doesn’t seem to be too far away. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @djnickyrizz