Recording Artist D’usé Saida Is Here to Take Over the Music Industry

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People often talk about diligence and dedication to achieve success, but no one mentions courage and focus.

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It takes a lot of courage to chase one’s passion and overcome all the challenges. Staying focused on your goal also counts when choosing the right career for yourself. Singer and songwriter D’usé Saida is the complete package here. She is a powerhouse of talent who is climbing to the top of the industry through hard work, persistence, and courage. Coming from a small town to live in NYC, penetrating the industry was not easy for her, but she is proving herself with her natural talent and grace.

Born in Pittsfield and raised on a farm in Massachusetts, D’usé Saida knew she was not meant to be average since childhood. Her real name is Hanna Dus, but she adopted D’usé Saida as her stage name as a play on her original last name and “Saida,” which means fortunate huntress. She wants people to know that she has stepped into the industry to present some killer music that will enthrall the audience like never before. Since childhood, D’usé Saida has loved music but was too shy to sing in front of her family. That’s why she never missed a single chance to attend an extra music class in school, which helped a long way in building a solid foundation for her career.

D’usé Saida played several musical instruments as a kid, like a guitar, piano, and violin. She has been a part of Select Chorus from the second grade and has not stopped singing since then. Growing up,  D’usé Saida decided to chase her passion as a profession, but her hometown in Massachusetts had few opportunities for her to grow. After her college, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, and started living on her own, consistently trying to navigate the industry.

Influenced by popular artists like Erykah Badu, MIA, and Amy Winehouse, D’usé Saida knew she would be unstoppable if she continued working on her skills. Pop is Saida’s dominant genre, but she loves to add a zing of R&B and Neo-soul to her music. In November 2019, Saida stepped into the music industry with her debut single, “Toxic.” The groovy track with catchy tunes garnered loads of positive reviews from music enthusiasts all over the country. The roaring success with her first release paved the way for six more hit singles over the next couple of years.

Her first music video, “Madame Ponsardin,” was a smash hit all over the country. The song was inspired by Erykah Badu’s “Other Side of the Game.” Since then, her music videos have only been getting better, thanks to her incredible team of stylists, producers, and photographers, including prominent names like Marc Baptiste, Cavier Art, Ebony Brown, LaChaleur, and many more. D’usé Saida has penned lyrics for the famous artist Serena Rigacci, which she considers a milestone in her career.

Because she believes in creating timeless music, quality has always been a priority for D’usé Saida. She is looking forward to rolling out more unique singles in the coming years.  D’usé Saida has been collaborating with many popular artists in the industry to present her fans with something engrossing soon.