Ifty Kerzner’s Music Embodies the Voice of a Generation

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One of the greatest ways to leave a mark through music is to create a classic and timeless track that transcends time.

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This type of music has a long-lasting message with an undying thrill that makes people want to listen to it repeatedly. However, creating a timeless piece is as hard as it seems. Any artist can easily create a hit, but it takes something special for you to create a timeless piece. Some artists are known to dig deep into their creativity, searching for classic releases.

But despite some artists struggling, Iftach Kerzner, or Ifty as he’s popularly known, seems to have mastered the art of creating timeless songs. Ifty is one of Israel’s top artists and songwriters whose music embodies the voice of a generation. He shares close to two decades of experience in the industry, with an impressive track record. Ifty is a versatile musician and entertainer with diverse, successful songs from emotional and romantic to upbeat comic songs. In addition to his music success, Ifty has also been a TV host for years. In addition to these roles, he is also a thriving entrepreneur with multiple successful business ventures.

But above anything else, Ifty’s classic music is what has placed him on the map. He is a celebrated songwriter with two of his songs: “A Million Stars” and “In Our Kindergarten,” both being taught in schools all over the country. This goes to show the impact Ifty’s music has on society. In fact, at just the age of 21, Ifty was already writing songs that touched the hearts of a nation.

“A Million Stars” is a special song that Ifty Kerzner wrote, composed, and produced to honor his friend who had fallen in battle in 2006.

He even dedicated the song to him, and it was sung and performed by the fallen soldier’s young sister. “A Million Stars” received massive success and instantly became a national treasure that has been sung at every national Memorial Day event. The song even opened the official National Independence day ceremony in 2012.

In 2007, Ifty released another number one song titled “The Night Will Pass,” making him one of Israel’s youngest artists to write, compose, produce, and perform a number one single. Ifty’s unique writing and performance style are categorized by true honesty and sincerity, which has brought him close to the hearts of an entire generation in Israel.

Ifty also showcased his unique songwriting skills in 2014 with his song, “In Our Kindergarten,” a single Shaylee Atary performed. The song was an additional look at the loss he incurred in 2006, and to his joy, the track also became a massive success and has become yet another pillar of the Israeli national consciousness.

With a desire to pass the same vigor and music writing skills on to other generations, Ifty Kerzner is looking forward to writing and composing more songs.

He might have turned his attention to his business ventures, but Ifty is certain his heart is meant for the music industry. Ifty plans to release new songs very soon, whether sung by him or other artists.