Molly Wellon’s Kidz TV Is the Perfect Place for Singing, Dancing, and Fun

Photo Credit: Molly Wellon's Kidz TV
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Photo Credit: Molly Wellon's Kidz TV
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Photo Credit: Molly Wellon’s Kidz TV

There is no doubt that kids need to sing, dance, and have fun.

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It’s their ideal form of fun, and they appreciate the freedom of moving up and down while making a noise. It’s also a form of learning where they can perfect their vocabulary and overall communication skills. This significantly aids in building their cognitive behaviors, helping develop their personalities. More significantly, singing, dancing, and fun help paint smiles on kids’ faces. As much as it sounds cliché, a smile comes with numerous benefits, including enhancing kids’ general health.

Molly Wellon is a recognized children entertainer who has dedicated her life to bringing smiles and shine to their little faces.

Molly is a fun, friendly, and passionate children’s presenter and performer at Molly Kidz TV. Molly and her team have been working hard to create fun and interactive original children’s songs, along with some well-known classics too. Molly is a high-energy and engaging performer and will never fail to put a smile on any child’s face with her singing, dancing, and interactive performances. Molly has a YouTube channel, Molly Kids TV, performs on stage for kids, and helps learning and development while many kids have had to stay in during lockdowns.

Though she has had a passion for entertaining kids for years, Molly made her children’s performing debut at Gloworm festival 2021. Since then, the kid’s entertainer has been making significant moves in the space. She has built an extensive network in the, booking more gigs. She recently presented for a children’s online learning platform. This was a significant move for her brand, helping introduce herself and her brand to the world of kid’s entertainment.

Molly Kidz TV’s brand has garnered over 10K views on multiple YouTube videos, building up an amazing fan base. Kids seem to easily gravitate towards her content, especially the uniquely crafted, captivating songs. Molly was also featured on international platforms such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and more for her exceptional content. In fact, she is rated as one of the fastest-growing kid’s content brands with great potential for more growth.

Molly’s most significant challenge was leaving her previous employer, who wouldn’t allow her to meet her full potential. It was a challenging experience that forced her to dig deep inside herself and then take the big leap to go solo. This resulted in her creating her fantastic content, including songs for preschoolers. This marked the beginning of her journey, and that’s how she is announcing her presence in the industry.

Molly Wellon now encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs and everyone else not to be afraid to go after their dreams.

She encourages you to be bold enough and take risks because that’s the only way you’ll keep your dream alive. And whatever the course it may be, strive to help make others smile. To her, a smile is a priceless gift that you can reward anyone with.

Molly wants to continue growing her online presence on YouTube Kids and perform at many more children’s festivals in the coming years.