Musician Romain Ferri Is Taking the Rap Game to the Next Level

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Rap has always been one of the favorite music genres for teens.

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It is not just about the beats—rap has a unique style and rhythm that makes words and imagery come alive, thanks to a fresh crop of artists who aren’t afraid to experiment with this genre to bring a fresh and distinct style to its audience. Rapper and music producer Romain Ferri is one such example. He has been storming the Los Angeles music scene for some time and earned a huge fan following across social media platforms.

Romain Ferri is a self-taught musician, making him a fearless rap explorer.

He found success on social media through his YouTube channel, which currently has over 2 million subscribers. Romain started making videos with only his acoustic guitar to accompany his songs. Today, he has a professional home studio where he does all his recordings. Romain also owns a music label, Ferri Records, that only signs budding talent to pave the way for them in the music industry.

Romain’s journey from a grocery store bagger to a successful rapper and music producer was not easy. He initially faced over 100 rejections at auditions for music labels and clubs, but that could not deter him from pursuing his goal. His song “Trapped World” proved to be a turning point in his career. The song became an instant hit on YouTube, earning more than 1 million views in less than a month. “Trapped World” was Romain’s unique take on rap with hard-hitting notes merged with subtle undertones of pop. The lyrics describe the trapped world of a struggling artist who could never give up on his dream and embarked on an endless struggle that touched millions of hearts.

Released in January 2021, “Trapped World” went viral online. The song’s popularity landed Romain Ferri with several offers from artists around the world.

After a year of successfully journeying through the music industry, Romain released a new version of “Trapped World” with professional scores in the background, accentuating the song’s mood. While his fans loved the acoustic version, the new “Trapped World” has again broken the internet, replicating its previous success.

“Trapped World” has already topped many U.S. music charts and become a party number at most clubs. Several remixes of “Trapped World” by popular DJs from around the world have already surfaced, and people love them as well. With the success of the new version of “Trapped World,” Romain is planning to drop more electrifying rereleases of his previous acoustic tracks. He feels that most of his masterpieces written during the initial phase of his career are still yet unheard by his audience. This announcement has already set the excitement meter among his fans soaring, and they who can’t wait to listen to his next release.

According to some of the 23-year-old artist’s social media posts, Romain Ferri will likely collaborate with a popular U.S. DJ on his upcoming project.

Although Romain has not shared anything in detail about his project so far, it will likely be released by mid-2022.