A Simple Guide on How to Become a Professional Singer

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Photo Credit: Jack Sharp

Are you someone who lives and breathes music? Do you have an exceptional singing voice that you want to commit yourself to sharing with the world?

Perhaps a singing career is the right path for you.

However, talent alone won’t get you to success. Famous singers are those who set themselves apart and know how to market themselves. It’s rare for even the most talented singers to have the business skills to reach stardom.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful or shouldn’t try. Here is your guide on how to become a professional singer.

Take Lessons

If you’ve never taken singing lessons, you really should do so. And even if you’re a natural talent, you should still be taking lessons.

Vocal lessons teach you breathing and control techniques to get the best sound out of your voice. Moreover, you’ll learn how to sing in a way that puts less strain on the vocal cords, preventing injuries that could ruin your voice permanently.

Visit the Sloan School of Music for more information.

Start Performing in Front of People

If you’re not comfortable performing around friends, good luck at a concert venue. You need to get used to singing in front of other people

Sing at school talent shows, join a choir, and get used to performing in front of people. This can be daunting at first, but you will start getting used to it.

Choose Your Musical Style

Some singers can branch into different genres, but they always start in a particular niche. Until you build a strong enough fan base, you must choose one style and stick to it.

You can go country, classical, theatrical, etc. Choose your interest within your vocal range, and go with it.

Record Demos

Use programs like GarageBand to start recording music. You’ll need to record and save demos to give to record labels.

Don’t give up if you get rejected. You’ll learn more about what labels are looking for and how you can improve your skills and music through this process.

Start Promoting Yourself

Create a social media page and a YouTube channel. Attend open mic nights. Create fliers for shows you’ll perform at.

Again, this is a business, and it’s one where you need heavily market yourself.

Audition for Singing Jobs

There are various singing jobs out there. Some include wedding singers, cruise ship singers, backup singers, etc.

While this may not exactly be what your dreams of performing look like, don’t let that deter you. Many popular singers were lucky enough to be discovered in professions such as these.

How to Become a Professional Singer

These tips on how to become a professional singer should prove helpful in getting you started. This is a competitive industry where you’ll need to have a lot of patience and put in much effort. But if this means that much to you, you will put in the effort and boost your chances of being discovered.

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