TikTok & Montreux Jazz Fest Partner for ‘The Road to Montreux’

TikTok Montreux
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TikTok Montreux
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Photo Credit: TikTok x Montreux

The Montreux Jazz Festival is partnering with TikTok to highlight emerging artists with live performances.

As part of the partnership with TikTok, the MJF Spotlight will feature a series of live performances under the name ‘The Road to Montreux.’ TikTok is also an official partner for the 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival and will bring its creators to the Festival at Lake Geneva this summer.

‘The Road to Montreux’ will feature performances from emerging artists over six live showcases throughout the year. The shows will be streamed via TikTok and on Montreux’s social media channels.

“TikTok will collaborate with the Montreux Jazz Festival’s talent team to identify the most exciting rising stars in the music industry, providing the artists with a platform to reach new audiences and further their careers,” says the press release.

Live showcases will be filmed in Zurich, Hamburg, and London before ending with the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Montreux is also offering artists from MJF Spotlight the opportunity to perform on the MJF stage at this year’s Festival. The MJF Spotlight showcases music from a broad spectrum of genres, including pop, elecro, rock, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and more. Each month, MJF Spotlight supports one specially selected artist with exclusive digital content and live shows internationally.

Nick Bonard, CEO of Montreux Media Ventures says TikTok was a natural partner for the Festival.

“Like TikTok, we are passionate about music. Leveraging the Festival’s legacy of supporting young artists, MJF Spotlight offers new talent a physical and digital platform to showcase their music to new audiences. Together, TikTok and MJF Spotlight can supercharge the process of artist discovery through entertaining and engaging content.”

The 2022 Montreux Jazz Festival is returning to the Lake Geneva shoreline for its 56th year. The Festival runs from July 1 -16, so there are plenty of opportunities to highlight new and emerging artists. The Festival has helped launch the careers of artists like Lewis Capaldi, Lizzo, Jorja Smith, and Priya Ragu, who have all played at the Festival.