Patrick Moxey Announces New Label Group – Helix & Payday Records

Patrick Moxey Helix Payday Records
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Patrick Moxey Helix Payday Records
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Photo Credit: International Music Summit / CC by 3.0

Patrick Moxey has announced the details of his new label group in addition to a global alliance with Warner Recorded Music.

The agreement encompasses the acclaimed Payday Records and the newly created Helix Records. Warner Recorded Music will handle global digital distribution via its independent services arm, ADA Worldwide. The deal also includes the option for parties to co-sign new repertoire.

Helix Records is the groups new flagship electronic dance music label. It launched this week at Miami Music Week and has signed several high-profile new EDM artists like Snakehips, AR/CO, Marshall Jefferson, and DJ Susan.

Helix and Payday Records have offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London. The label group has an experienced, 36-strong team covering marketing and promotions across Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, and Australia – including a dedicated sync team for each of its offices.

“We’re really excited to be working with Patrick Moxey and the team at Helix,” says electronic duo Snakehips. “This year, we’ll be launching our upcoming project on an electronic/hip-hop and R&B kind of vibe. It’s great to be a part of a strong indie label set-up again, and we’re hyped to get this music out there.”

Hip-hop & R&B label Payday Records is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year after being founded in 1992 by Patrick Moxey. It’s one of the longest-running independent hip-hop and R&B labels and has helped launch the careers of some of the most influential names in hip-hop. Both Helix and Payday will work closely with Warner Recorded Music and ADA to maximize audience reach and commercial opportunities.

This new global alliance allows Helix, Payday, and non-U.S. Warner Music territories to reciprocally license music to each other and opens the door to creative collaborations between Helix and artists on the Warner Music roster.

“This new alliance with Warner Music heralds an exciting new phase for our recording activities,” says Patrick Moxey. “With a brand-new label Helix Records, which will be a multi-territory home for the world’s best new electronic dance music from day one, alongside Payday Records, which is celebrating three decades as the leading independent hip-hop label, we are in great shape to move forward with our next adventures!”

“This new alliance with the team at Warner will ensure our labels and the artists we represent get the best global distribution and opportunities available, and we are also looking forward to pooling our strengths and collaborating on signings, remixes, and more,” Patrick Moxey adds.