Bandzoogle’s Websites for Musicians Adds Smart Links & Landing Pages

Bandzoogle Websites for Musicians
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Bandzoogle Websites for Musicians
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Photo Credit: Bandzoogle

Music website platform Bandzoogle has added built-in Smart Links and custom landing pages. These new tools are powerful additions to give musicians new ways to promote their music online.

The following piece was developed in conjunction with Bandzoogle, a company dedicated to growing the pie for artists of all stripes — and proudly partnering with DMN.

Smart Links allow musicians to easily sell albums and singles directly to their fans, commission-free. It also allows musicians to link to their music on popular streaming platforms from a single mobile-friendly page. Driving traffic to a website you own and control is just as important for musicians as it is for brands. 

That’s why Bandzoogle is introducing landing pages for musicians. Landing pages can be customized to reflect the goal of any marketing campaign. Selling album pre-orders, offering limited edition merchandise, selling tickets, or building out a super-fan mailing list are just some of the possibilities that a landing page for musicians can accommodate. 

Bandzoogle’s landing pages are built using the band’s custom domain name, which helps build trust among fans. “Smart Links and Landing Pages will quickly connect fans to an artist’s latest music release, and help musicians sell even more music, merch, and tickets in a measured way,” says Bandzoogle CEO Stacey Bedford. “Used hand-in-hand with our full suite of promotional tools, artists can create marketing campaigns that focus on a specific goal and track its success.”

Musicians can also choose an existing album to sell directly on a page using smart links. Both albums and singles can be promoted in this way, so a streamlined button and title will appear when promoting music on the website. Promo info on the smart link can be customized as needed, including adding an image, changing the title, or the text of the promotion.

Bandzoogle says new page level data was added to its analytics tool to help musicians keep track of their Smart Links and Landing Page campaigns. 

“Being in total control of your music and how it is marketed is important for artists,” Bedford adds. “Seeing the results of a campaign reflected in the data will help inform musicians of where their efforts and budget should be spent to maximize the results of their marketing campaigns.” Bandzoogle Pro members can see inbound sources and outbound links associated with Smart Links. That gives you insight into how fans are reaching your website, as well as where they’re going after they do. 

Bandzoogle’s platform powers over 60,000 websites for musicians across the globe. Now in its 19th year of operation, Bandzoogle has helped musicians sell over $90 million in music, merch, and ticket sales – all commission-free.