How DJ Allen Is Taking the Music Industry by Storm

Photo Credit DJ Allen
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Photo Credit DJ Allen
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Photo Credit: DJ Allen

The music industry is very competitive and one of the more difficult scenes to break into. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to build your name in the space — just ask DJ Allen.

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As Allen Davtyan, better known by his stage name, DJ Allen, shows us, no dream is impossible to attain once you set your mind to it.

DJ Allen has defied all odds to reach the top, and through his inspiring journey, he shows his audience that no dream is too big to fulfill. All it takes is changing your mindset and choosing to fight for your passions just like DJ Allen did.

Davtyan uncovered his love for music at a young age. He explains that he has always enjoyed listening to various songs, and it is this experience that inspired him to start his journey in the music scene.

DJ Allen took all the necessary steps, learning from experts in the industry and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who helped him break into the space. His expertise in business and talent in music has helped him create a powerhouse effect, catapulting his career to the next level.

He has had collaborations with big artists such as INNA, Antonio Pican, BiBi, and Antonia, to name a few. DJ Allen’s music has also been trending in and out of Romania, with different labels and clubs showing deep interest in his work.

Davtyan has worked with labels such as Global Records and CatMusic, where he has produced several projects under them. He has composed and produced De Pari Pari remix and Benny Hana. One of DJ Allen’s projects, Macarena, a collaboration together Antonio Pican, is also the number #1 track in Romania, which has seen DJ Allen take over the Romanian music scene.

He says that his aim is to use his talent and skills to bring a fresh new sound into the music industry as he changes the Romanian nightlife. DJ Allen is working with other artists to revolutionize the music scene and inspire and support young talents trying to make it in the industry.

“It can be hard to have your music heard,” says Davtyan. He notes that it was difficult to penetrate the industry when he first got started, let alone find the right sound and the right music for his audience. But by dedicating his time to research and learning more about music creation and production, DJ Allen was able to find his sound and give his listeners a completely new style of music.

As he continues to dominate the global music scene, DJ Allen is helping upcoming DJs and producers in their journey. He is using his online platforms to engage with his growing fan base and share bits of his story.

His professionalism and proficiency, combined with a natural sense of sound and melody, are making DJ Allen a celebrated name in the music industry. His songs get thousands of views, and he has also been invited to perform at various events in Romania.

While he is a top name in the industry, with his works receiving massive attention from fellow artists and his growing fan base, DJ Allen is not yet where he wants to be. He says that in a few years, his goal is to grow his brand more as he shares his love for music with the rest of the world. DJ Allen is looking to perform on bigger stages and concerts and make more music.