Need a New Mic for Your Setup? May Is Mic Month at Sweetwater

Sweetwater Mic Month May
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Sweetwater Mic Month May
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Photo Credit: Sweetwater

Whether you’re a first-time microphone buyer or considering adding a companion to your setup, Sweetwater has what you need. It’s Mic Month at Sweetwater – so how do you choose the right microphone for your setup?

The following was created in collaboration with Sweetwater, a company DMN is proud to be partnered with.

Choosing a microphone doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, Sweetwater’s professionals are on hand to make it easier than ever. Without direct experience, it can be impossible to tell the difference between the way two dynamic microphone’s sound. Sweetwater has put some of the best microphones on the market through a comprehensive mic shootout. The result?

You can see for yourself the best microphones for a variety of setups, from vocal mics, snare drum mics, kick drum mics, guitar cabinet mics, acoustic guitar mics, USB mics, virtual mics, handheld vocal mics, choir mics, and many more applications. If you play an instrument and you need a mic, chances are Sweetwater has auditioned mics on your instrument.

But instead of reading someone else’s opinion on what a mic sounds like – why not give them all a try at Sweetwater and hear the results yourself?

Sweetwater gives you the chance to listen to a mic in your own studio environment and decide for yourself. You shouldn’t be surprised by a mic when you’re setting it up. Take a listen to the mics and compare them to others in Sweetwater’s mic locker. Their highly trained sales staff is on hand to help you answer any questions you may have.

Many Sweetwater Sales Engineers are producers, musicians, beat makers, and podcasters themselves. Their passion for music and high-quality recording products shines through with their attention to detail in answering any questions or concerns you may have. Not sure what type of microphone you need? Here’s a quick basic guide to choosing the right microphone, depending on its application. First up, there are two main types of microphones (there are other specialty mics) to consider for musicians.

Dynamic Microphone – Dynamic microphones are those singers and comedians use on stage. These types of microphones are designed to do well in noisy environments like live club shows. They have a small coil on the inside that is sensitive to sound vibrations. As soundwaves hit the coil, it gets converted to an electrical signal that can be recorded.

Condenser Microphone – This is the other popular type of microphone that works slightly differently. Condenser mics feature capacitor plates instead of a coil and magnets. These microphones are more sensitive to smaller vibrations and are more suitable for picking up the subtleties of a speaking voice for a podcast or a singer in a booth.

Ribbon Microphone – Ribbon mics are less common because they are much easier to damage than dynamic or condenser mics. That’s because they feature a conductive ribbon that rests between two electromagnetic poles. The early crooner era often used ribbon mics to record, so the sound has become associated with that era. Ribbon mics have a bidirectional recording pattern, making them suitable for recording two people speaking at once.

What about a warranty?

There’s nothing worse than adding a new piece of equipment to your session and it goes well for six months and then – kaput. No sound from your brand-new microphone. Sweetwater offers a Total Confidence Coverage warranty that gives you a free two-year warranty with every product sold. So test out those microphones and choose the one you want for the long-haul.

Sweetwater also offers free tech support for its products as long as you own it. If you have any questions about the setup or operation of a microphone, Sweetwater experts are on hand to answer those questions as they come up. There are over 27,000 helpful articles in Sweetwater’s online support database to help answer questions, too.