BeatPort Acquires Demo Submission Platform, LabelRadar

Beatport LabelRadar
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Beatport LabelRadar
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Photo Credit: BeatPortal

Beatport has acquired LabelRadar, bringing its streamlined music demo submission platform to its Music Services division.

LabelRadar helps artists by introducing their demos to labels and notifies them immediately when its heard. For record labels, LabelRadar offers streamlined access to a steady flow of unsigned demos from a wide variety of genres.

When an A&R team finds a track they love, they can view data on the artist, initiate a conversation, and work towards signing the track. The Beatport acquisition of LabelRadar brings it under its Music Services division alongside ampsuite, Hype, and LabelBase.

“LabelRadar streamlines the whole demo submission process,” says Alex Branson, SVP of Music Services. “LabelRadar has built an accessible product that makes it easier for labels and publishers to review incoming demos, while ensuring artists get their demos heard by the right prospective partners who can immediately jump on the opportunity to sign new music.”

How LabelRadar Works for Artists

Artists upload their demos and select a 20-second section of the demo they think best represents the track. Once the demo is clipped, it is submitted to the Public Pool or privately to a single label or promoter of the artists’ choice.

Meanwhile, labels and promoters can unlock the full demo if they shortlist the track when listening to the clipped section. If the artist has submitted the track publicly on LabelRadar, the label can see fan engagement statistics with the clip. From there, labels can open a discussion with the artist about the track.

No more hunting down inactive emails or dead social media accounts. Artists submit their demo and instantly have a pool of labels and promoters who are looking for new music. LabelRadar offers artists real-time notifications when their demo is heard or not. If the label shows interest, the artist is the first to know.