Louis Seivwright Set to Release His Highly-Anticipated Album, ‘Wonderland’

Photo Credit: Louis Seivwright
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Photo Credit: Louis Seivwright
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Photo Credit: Louis Seivwright

Aberdeen producer and SAMA Award nominee Louis Seivwright, the artist behind the hit album Cloud 9 last year, is set to drop yet another fascinating album, Wonderland, before the end of the year. Louis is rising so quickly, and he’ll be at the top of the music producer list in the UK.

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The highly anticipated album will have 12–16 tracks. Louis will set the actual release date once he gets to the mixing and mastering production phase.

The concept behind Wonderland came about towards the end of last year, with Louis describing it as a safe space you can subconsciously flee to. “Whatever you’re doing at that moment, you don’t think of anything else that may be going on in your life, and you’re solely in that space,” Louis asserts. He observes that everyone has their own “Wonderland,” even though you may not notice it. Louis considers music his “Wonderland” because it draws all of his focus once he starts making it.

Louis is genre-assorted, thus freeing his music from any category. He is committed to creating unique tracks to prevent his fans from always listening to the same theme. According to Louis, your music must be special to stand out and beat your competitors. He discovered his uniqueness while challenging his creativity and changing his headspace.

Louis advises artists, particularly those who make music from their emotions, on the essence of switching environments. You will improve your creative process and be motivated to make significant and distinctive music away from the atmosphere and people you are used to. He is happy his creative process has dramatically improved since moving to Glasgow, which will be evident in his upcoming album.

Louis has been working hard on his music, which has paid off handsomely.

He has landed great opportunities in the past year, and he cannot be more thankful to everyone who has supported his journey. The Wonderland artist was nominated for a Scottish Alternative Music Award (SAMA). Besides this, he has been getting airplay from 35 radio stations across different BBC stations. Louis also composed a BBC documentary showcasing musical talent from Scotland.

“Even more recently, DJ Target used my instrumentals in his new BBC Three show, ‘Tonight with Target.’ Life has been a big trip, but I’m unbelievably grateful for everything. Since my first play on BBC introducing Scotland, it hasn’t stopped, so yeah, massive shoutout to the full team there,” adds Louis.

Louis is ecstatic with his current progress and endless opportunities, which mostly came up after releasing Cloud 9, which was just a start. He cannot wait for the chapter the Wonderland album will offer as he believes it is the best creative he’s ever worked on.

Wonderland is an up game of Cloud 9; creatively and sonically. It’s a real body of work, rather than tracks being thrown together. It’s a real emotional rollercoaster; I feel like I’m finally making the music that I want to make. Since starting this album, my growth as an artist and producer has changed drastically,” Louis clarifies.

Louis is enthusiastic about the upcoming Wonderland album and looks forward to how his audience will receive and respond to it. Wonderland is beyond your expectations. It’s a banger that will display Louis’s stunning creativity and growth as a musician.