The Shoals Music Makers Recording Incentive Is Live — Want to Record In Alabama?

shoals music recording incentive
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shoals music recording incentive
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Photo Credit: Dailynetworks / CC by 3.0

A new Shoals Music Makers Recording Incentive hopes to attract musicians to Alabama. 

The Shoals Economic Development Authority has launched the incentive program. Something like it has been in the works since 2019. Funding for offering the incentives came through the Shoals Industrial Development Committee, which adopted the plan in 2021. Recipients can receive up to a 30% reimbursement on projects recorded in the region

“Music and film recruitment has been one of our targets,” shares Shoals EDA President Kevin Jackson. “At this stage we’re focusing on the music, but the film aspect is right there ready to be tapped as well. Everyone’s ready to really amp this thing up,” Jackson added.

The Shoals Music Makers Recording incentives are ranked in four different tiers. There are also some requirements that must be met for consideration for the incentive. 

  • Full recording budget must be submitted.
  • Recording must take place in Colbert or Lauderdale County.
  • Incentive is based on reimbursement of receipts presented for the project.
Tier 1$5,000 – $10,000up to 10%
Tier 2$10,001 – $24,999up to 15%
Tier 3$25,000 – $74,999up to 20%
Tier 4$75,000 – $200,00+up to 30%

Judy Hood, the Chairwoman of the Muscle Shoals Music Foundation, says the time is right for this kind of incentive. “During the past few years, we’ve had several producers, artists, and managers move to the Shoals area from Nashville, Los Angeles, Portland, Atlanta, and other large cities,” Hood shares. “This program is designed to build on that momentum.”

The aim is to help the Muscle Shoals area boost the local music industry by encouraging producers and recording artists to bring their projects to one of the Shoals studios. “We’re already seeing results,” Hood says. “Several producers have reached out to us.”

The selection process for receiving incentives involves an interview with the candidate and an analysis of the project’s economic impact. “We fully expect to see continued growth with the music and film industries here, and to contribute to that with these incentives for artists is huge,” adds Studio Executive Director Debbie Wilson.