Meet Miramar, the Established DJ/Producer Making His Mark

Photo Credit: Miramar

Photo Credit: Miramar

Aric Christopher, famously known as Miramar, is a highly gifted producer and DJ ruling the airwaves. He has served the music industry with numerous hits, including his latest releases, “Terrain” and “Stay,” which are all available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

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Aside from his timeless music, Miramar is also making a name for himself in the industry with his unquestionable work ethic and passion for the craft. He has not only mastered the art of producing great hits but also established a working relationship with different industry stakeholders. This has seen him grow into an established entrepreneur and investor who has worked with internationally recognized brands in the food, bar, hospitality, music, agricultural, and the ADU and vacation rental space.

Like any other talent, Miramar has faced numerous challenges, especially in his early days in the industry. Building and establishing a thriving brand as a DJ or producer is never easy, and Miramar has first-hand experience of how tough it can get. He had to reinvent himself while continuously ignoring the many naysayers and doubters. Through hard work and dedication, Miramar has overcome all these hurdles, bringing his dream to life.

A self-made success story, Miramar believes that everyone has the potential to become whoever they want. “Whether it be with work projects, relationships, or personal development, always be sure to commit a little energy to each every day and always continue to chip away, even in small amounts. Before you know it, your daily progress will grow into your vision over time, and your goals will be met,” Miramar explains.