Indian Hip Hop Rapper Mohit Chawla’s New Single, “Diversity,” Is the Real Deal

Photo Credit: Mohit Chawla

Photo Credit: Mohit Chawla

Mohit Chawla is a Benin-based Indian rapper originating from Jalna, Marathwada in India. His musical career started a decade ago after meeting Benin’s top artist, Angélique Kidjo.

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She was mesmerized by Mohit’s vocals. Impressed with his talent, decided to help him polish his skills. She invited him to Benin a few months later, where he took music lessons and produced his first music.

Mohit is not your average artist. Everyone who watched or listened to his music loved it. He returned to India, continued producing great music, and traveled to Benin for gigs until he decided to settle there permanently. Mohit loves Benin and blended well with the locals. He is a household name in Asia, West African countries, and other parts of the world.

Mohit recently released a hit single, “Diversity”, the debut single of the incoming Diversity album. It has received massive airplay among international media stations, and he couldn’t be happier. He urges artists, particularly those who make music from emotions, to embrace switching environments. Mohit observes that this will improve your creative process and motivate you to make significant and distinctive music away from the atmosphere and people you are used to. He is pleased that his creative process has intensely developed since moving to Benin, which is evident in his recent songs and the upcoming album. Mohit aims to have a worldwide tour next year, open new chapters for his music, and take it to the next level.