Majes’ Dream to Play at Tomorrowland Winter 2022 Comes True

Photo Credit: Majes

Photo Credit: Majes

 “The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them” ― Roy T. Bennett.

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This is the testimony of Majes, a highly-recognized music artist and ghost producer living his dream today. Since 2016, Majes, also known as François Leguay Besnard, has been working on his musical career path. His trailblazing productions have been released on notable platforms like Trap City, the German label, ‘Selected’,’ and Trap Nation.

A master of his crafts, Majes‘ productions have swept the airwaves, and to date, he has amassed a total of 60 million listeners. Asked about what makes him stand out, Majes said, “I prefer to produce accessible songs, which can be listened to every morning to night. I play more dance and energetic songs. I don’t listen to the same music when I wake up, in the evening, or at 3 am!”

Majes quickly points out that it has taken him many years to carve a livelihood out of music. The music industry is highly competitive, but even though he sometimes questioned his goals, he worked harder.

Today, despite the hurdles, Majes booking at Tomorrowland Winter is a dream come true. This is after he seduced the Tomorrowland jury with his awe-inspiring dance moves and groovy style, prompting the French radio, RIFFX, to select him to play at the vast festival Tomorrowland Winter 2022 at Alpe d’Huez. “Undoubtedly, this is a dream come true, and I’m impressed to achieve my lifelong goal since I began my music career,” he added.

Majes looks forward to playing in all the biggest festivals and hopes his upcoming songs will find an ardent fan base.