“Building Leverage As A Musician Is Everything” Says DJ & Music Artist Morocania

Photo Credit: Morocania
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Photo Credit: Morocania
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Photo Credit: Morocania

Information and communication networks have grown tremendously in the past decade. How to tackle challenges is entirely different from the current situation.

Ascend Agency is working with Digital Music News to create opportunities for artists to be visible to the music industry.

Although most of the challenges portrayed have a lot of similarities in nature, the ways of handling them have entirely evolved.

The music industry is not exempted. As a result, various ways have been formulated to guide a new beginner who needs to venture into the music industry. Although, you don’t have to be the next Whitney Houston or Elvis Presley to be termed a “success.”

In this article Morocania, a music artist. Shares five valuable ways you can use to make it in the music Industry

Have an Entrepreneurship Mindset

The music industry is oversaturated. As a result, roughly 90% of the musicians are yet to be known. Therefore, being in the top 10% will require a lot of financial sacrifices. For instance, You will need a band that will create quality recordings, book and sell out your own shows and tours, and create promotions to sell your ideas and songs to the world.

Moreover, you will need to manage your finances and keep your expenditures low. At the same time, you must expand and grow your fan base to remain relevant. Here’s why artists must have an entrepreneurial drive to succeed. In addition, the artists and music producers need to have basic know-how on managing finances and what avenues to explore to keep their expenses at the lowest level.

Build a Network That Supports Your Idea

Networking is essential in building your career. Even though you may possess the skills and education required to pursue your career, it may be challenging to maneuver without a well-established network. Networks enabled one to focus on the right audience.

At the same time offers a mutual benefit that is a win-win situation. In addition, you as well need to be willing to offer support if the need arises while actively participating in activities and dialogues. You may opt to join an already established network (professional) or establish one yourself and invite interested parties.

Use Social Media To Expand Opportunities

We are living in a digital world. Technology is not just an option but an essential requirement. To reach out to a larger crowd, musicians use digital platforms to sell themselves and their ideas. Unlike in the 1950s, when a significant chunk of artists were locally recognized, now a global platform has opened up, and artists are recognized worldwide.

Have Financial Strategies

Morocania stresses that it’s not just about how much you make but how well you manage your finances. Start by drafting a reasonable budget to run your campaign. Don’t overstretch on the scarce resources you may have at the beginning. Analyze core and essential areas and tackle them first as you gradually expand to other secondary and tertiary needs.

Have a Well-Defined Work Plan

Every project needs a plan. Planning will help you to reflect on core areas. At the same time, it will enable you to commit to successfully achieving each milestone. Work plan gives guidelines for tackling tasks.