How to Add Family Members to a Spotify Family Account

How to add family members to a Spotify family account
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How to add family members to a Spotify family account
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Photo Credit: Omid Armin

Did you know you can now have up to six total users under one Spotify family plan? Here’s how to add family members to your Spotify account.

Since changing how its subscriptions were structured, Spotify’s $15.99 a month family account is a better deal than ever. Family members living under one roof can enjoy up to six premium accounts under the family plan. Spotify is cracking down on its family plan members ‘living under one roof‘ since abuse of the feature. But there’s no better deal for a large family who wants their own separate music streaming accounts. 

Upgrade to Spotify Premium for Family

If you haven’t already, create a Spotify account and then upgrade your account here. The next time you log in to Spotify after upgrading your account, you’ll see the Account Overview page, from which you will see a tab called Premium for Family.

Adding Family Members

Once you’ve either generated a unique link or sent out an email invitation, that slot will read “waiting for one person” or “link sent,” respectively. Should you need to give that person the link again for any reason, you can click the same link again to either display the link or resend the email. This is also where you’ll see the option to “replace this person with someone else.”

Removing Family Members

If you want to replace someone you’ve invited with your link to free it up for another person — perhaps to remove an already active user or because you sent an invitation to the wrong email address — there are two ways to take care of it. 

If the status still says “waiting for one person,” select that slot and then “replace this person,” which will generate a new link and disable the previous one.

Should you want to remove an active user, select that slot and click “replace this person.” From there, you can choose to create a new invitation link or send an email to the new person, either of which will deactivate the previous user.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to remove a user without replacing them with someone else. If you want to replace someone you’ve invited without adding someone different, you can always email the link to yourself under another address.

Reverting to a Standard Premium Account

You can revert your Family account to a regular Premium account anytime. To do so, go to the Subscription tab and under Subscription and Payment, click “Switch to Premium.” This returns your account to a single-user account — cheaper than the Premium for Family subscription but without additional profile availability.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do that on the same page by clicking the (decidedly tiny) “cancel your subscription?” link.