Kim Kardashian Designs New Colorways for Beats Fit Pro

Kim Kardashian Beats

Photo Credit: Beats

Kim Kardashian announces her partnership with Beats to design new colorways for Beats Fit Pro.

For a partnership that marks Beats’ first time releasing a custom Fit Pro collaboration, Beats x Kim “sits at the intersection of fashion and functionality,” with muted earth tones matching the signature aesthetic of Kim Kardashian. The fashion icon announced the collaboration today after subtly teasing it last fall when she wore a beta version of the earbuds. She explains that she pitched the idea for the partnership to Beats after having her own pairs of earbuds painted to match her wardrobe. 

“I wanted to break away from the idea that headphones have to be colorful to make a statement,” says Kardashian. “This collaboration is special because it allows you to blend in or stand out, and Beats is known for creating products that showcase individuality.”

“Kim brought her signature minimalist style to the first-ever Beats Fit Pro custom headphones,” says Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services. “We’re excited to offer Beats’ most innovative headphones in a whole new, gorgeous color palette to music fans and fashion lovers alike.”

The Beats x Kim collaboration earbuds come in three neutral, matte hues: Moon (light), Dune (medium), and Earth (dark), with a matching case in the same smooth shades. The collaboration will be available starting Tuesday, August 16, online and in stores starting Wednesday, August 17. The earbuds are functionally identical to existing Beats Fit Pro models and will sell for the standard Fit Pro price of $200.

While Kardashian’s partnership with Beats may not be the first flesh-colored earbuds on the market, they might be the best quality. The weight of her name combined with Beats’ own could make these a highly sought-after pair of earbuds for Kardashian fans and Beats enthusiasts alike. Apple has been working hard to make Beats a platform agnostic earbuds brand, too.