Medusa Festival Stage Dismantles Under Extreme Wind – One Person Dead

Medusa Festival high winds

Photo Credit: EuroNews YouTube

Part of the Medusa Festival concert stage collapsed in heavy winds in Spain, killing at least one person.

Valencia regional authorities say part of a temporary concert stage collapsed due to high winds around 4 am local time. Around 40 people needed to be taken to the hospital for their injuries, including at least three with serious injuries. One person is reported dead.

Organizers of the music festival say they had ordered the festival grounds cleared when the stage collapse happened. “This is a terrible accident that has stunned us all,” wrote the Valencia region’s president, Ximo Puig on Twitter. The organizers of the Medusa Festival also issued a statement expressing their grief and the cancellation of further festivities.

“This is a very painful moment, difficult and heartbreaking. It is tremendously sad and discouraging for relatives and friends – a moment that no one should ever have to know,” the statement from organizers begins. “It is also the hardest moment that all of us who created the Medusa Festival will ever go through.”

“We remain devastated. Broken inside. So much that almost no words can be spoken. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of those affected, directly and indirectly, by the unfortunate, unexpected and unavoidable accident that has occurred tonight due to the extreme and unpredictable inclement weather during the celebration of the Medusa Festival.”

“Our public is important to us. They have placed their trust in us and have been the fundamental pillar for us to continue here today. The safety of those attending our event has always been an absolute priority for us. Also workers and artists. We believe that all of you who know us know that the main thing is to protect you all at each of our events.”

“For this reason, and because that continues to be our maxim, the Medusa Festival organization has made the decision to definitively cancel our festival. The adverse and unexpected weather conditions that are expected to continue happening throughout the day oblige us morally and by responsibility to put an end to our 2022 edition. Thank you.”