DJ Jake Silva, Trailblazing Nightclub DJ, Is Disrupting the Music Scene

Photo Credit: DJ Jake Silva

Photo Credit: DJ Jake Silva

DJ Jake Silva is an up-and-coming artist who has set himself above the rest in the competitive industry by displaying his innate talent in producing mind-blowing music.

Although he is based in New York City, his parents hail from Portugal but relocated before he was born. DJ Jake Silva was inspired and mentored into music by his uncle, who was a top DJ in Portugal and Spain. He is always willing to learn and adapt to the changing times.

DJ Silva is an engineer by profession, but his love for music is immeasurable. He woke up early in the morning to make music before starting his day in construction and played at small bars around Long Island while building his career.

Today, DJ Silva performs at the top nightclubs in New York City, New Jersey, and Miami. He has done extraordinary remixes for global artists like Chris Brown, Amici, Gala, and others. This year, he produced an EP Silva Bangz and two original hit tracks, “Make Me Feel’ and “Need You Back”, which his fans cannot get enough of.

DJ Jake Silva is so passionate about music and outshines his rivals due to his personality and work ethic. “My music is authentic, and no one else has the exact edit, bootleg, or remix since I produce the music myself and most of the time don’t put it out,” Silva says. The ambitious artist aims to stand out with a unique sound and vibe and become a successful DJ playing worldwide.